Qomo QRF312 QClick Audience Response System 12 Pack

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  • Qomo QRF312 QClick Audience Response System 12 Pack
  • Qomo QRF312 QClick Audience Response System 12 Pack
  • Qomo QRF312 QClick Audience Response System 12 Pack
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Qomo QRF312 QClick Audience Response System(12 Pack)


QOMO QRF300 Audience Response System is a QClick RF Based Audience Response System.  QClick is the most powerful and cost effective Interactive Wireless Audience Response System on the market.  It can be used in traditional classroom settings, group meetings, or wherever instant feedback is desired.

The QRF300 system can interface with any file format you plan to test with via its Freestyle Mode.  QClick software also completely integrates into Microsoft PowerPoint, making it both easy to learn and fun to use. It enriches your presentations and classroom curricula by encouraging participation.  With QClick's interactive PowerPoint based software and wireless audience response pads given to each participant, real-time feedback can be electronically collected at the simple click of a button.

Leave no one behind with the encouragement and participation the QRF 300 elicits from audience members.  Eliminate hand grading exams and quizzes with the reporting features that allow you to generate full scale, Excel-compatible reports.

The all-in-one wireless presentation remote, which is used by the instructor, controls the course of activities, PowerPoint slides, as well as having the ability to point out specific detailed facts and objects with the laser pointer.

Key Features

  • Easy one-click PowerPoint Slide Conversion
  • Choose among many different activity modes including Freestyle, Normal Quiz, Standard Exam, Homework, Rush Quiz, Elimination, Vote/Inquiry, Ad-Lib Quiz, Hand-Raise and Roll Call with multiple correct answers
  • Secure, unique Student ID’s assigned to each response pad
  • Wireless instructor remote and the ability to import XML exam files
  • The response pads and instructor remotes are durable, lightweight and compact
  • Individual and group participation modes
  • The RF receiver easily connects to your computer through USB
  • The device driver is compatible with Windows only



The Qomo QRF312 QClick Audience Response System is a highly efficient and versatile tool that enhances audience participation and engagement. Designed for use in classrooms, group meetings, and any setting where instant feedback is desired, this system is the perfect solution for educators and presenters.

With its Freestyle Mode, the QRF312 system can interface with any file format you plan to test with, making it adaptable to your specific needs. In addition, its seamless integration with Microsoft PowerPoint allows for easy learning and fun usage. This powerful combination encourages participation and enriches presentations and classroom curricula.

With the wireless audience response pads, each participant can provide real-time feedback at the simple click of a button. This system ensures that no one is left behind, as it elicits engagement and participation from audience members. Furthermore, the reporting features eliminate the need for hand-grading exams and quizzes, as full-scale, Excel-compatible reports can be generated.

The Qomo QRF312 system also includes an all-in-one wireless presentation remote for instructors. This remote not only controls the course of activities and PowerPoint slides but also features a laser pointer for highlighting specific details and objects. This added functionality allows for a more dynamic and interactive presentation experience.

Key features of the QRF312 system include easy one-click PowerPoint slide conversion, multiple activity modes to suit different teaching and learning styles, secure and unique student IDs for each response pad, and durable, lightweight, and compact design for both the response pads and instructor remote. The RF receiver seamlessly connects to your computer through USB, ensuring a hassle-free setup process. However, it's important to note that the device driver is compatible with Windows only.

Overall, the Qomo QRF312 QClick Audience Response System is an essential tool for any presenter or educator looking to enhance audience participation, gather real-time feedback, and streamline the grading process. Its user-friendly interface, extensive features, and reliable performance make it the most powerful and cost-effective interactive wireless audience response system on the market.
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Warranty Information

2 Year Warranty
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