QOMO QITBB65 G 65" Multi-Touch LED Panel

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  • QOMO QITBB65 G 65" Multi-Touch LED Panel
  • QOMO QITBB65 G 65" Multi-Touch LED Panel


QOMO QITBB65 G - BundleBoard G Series, 65" Multi-Touch LED Panel


The QOMO QITBB65 G BundleBoard G Series is a 65-inch interactive LED screen with a built-in Android 8 operating system. 

BundleBoard G is a collaboration panel that encourages communication and productivity.  The BundleBoard G interactive panel, allows presenters to set their main focus of the day on a personalized home screen.  A variety of helpful tools makes for fun and engaging presentations.

Customizable and User-friendly
Change your wallpaper, input names, and focus of the day easily and intuitively.  For additional help, a Get Started guide is available at all times on the front screen of your panel.

Remote device management
Manage and control multiple BundleBoards from a central location.  This makes it the perfect solution for school districts and IT.

Built to last
Never worry about the BundleBoard’s high-quality metal frame and tempered glass plus 4k clarity.  This robust display is built to last and made for any public space including classrooms, conference rooms, and lobbies. 

4K Ultra HD Resolution
A picture two times clearer than HD from far away.                   


Built-in Android OS
User-friendly Android interface for engagement and productivity. 

OTA Firmware Updates
Easy over-the-air updates for the latest features.

Manufacturer Specs
Model: QITBB65 G Specifications
Description BundleBoard Series
Sizes 65"
Backlight DLED
Resolution 4K (3840 x 2160)
Display Colors 10-bit (D), 1.07 billion colors
Operating System Android 8.0
PC Optional Built-In
Speaker Output 2x15W
Power Consumption ≤170W
VESA 600x400t Weight 42kg / 92.5lbs
Inputs/Outputs 4 HDMI, 1DP, 4 USB, 2USB Touch, 1 SPDIF, 1 HDMI-OUT, 2 LAN, 1 RS232, 1 YPBPR, 1 AV-IN, 1 AV-OUT, 4 Audio-OUT, 1 PC Audio,

The QOMO QITBB65 G BundleBoard G Series is a top-of-the-line interactive LED panel designed to enhance communication and productivity in any setting. With its 65-inch display and built-in Android 8 operating system, this multi-touch LED panel offers a wide range of features and functions.

One of the standout features of the BundleBoard G Series is its customizable and user-friendly interface. Users can easily change the wallpaper, input names, and set the focus of the day with intuitive controls. Additionally, a helpful Get Started guide is always available on the front screen of the panel, providing assistance when needed.

With remote device management capabilities, the BundleBoard G Series is the perfect solution for school districts and IT departments. Administrators can manage and control multiple BundleBoards from a central location, streamlining operations and ensuring efficient usage.

Built to last, the BundleBoard G Series features a high-quality metal frame, tempered glass, and 4K clarity, making it suitable for any public space. Whether it's a classroom, conference room, or lobby, this robust display can withstand the demands of daily use.

The QOMO QITBB65 G BundleBoard G Series boasts 4K Ultra HD resolution, providing a picture that is two times clearer than HD, even from a distance. This stunning display ensures that every detail is crisp and vibrant, improving the visual experience for both presenters and viewers.

Equipped with a built-in Android operating system, the BundleBoard G Series offers a user-friendly interface for engagement and productivity. Whether you're presenting, collaborating, or brainstorming, the Android interface provides a seamless experience.

Lastly, the BundleBoard G Series offers OTA firmware updates, allowing users to easily access the latest features and improvements over-the-air. Keeping the panel up to date has never been easier.

In terms of specifications, the QITBB65 G model features a 65-inch display, DLED backlight, 4K resolution, 10-bit display colors, and a powerful Android 8.0 operating system. With 3GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, and various input and output options, this panel is equipped with everything you need for a seamless interactive experience.

Overall, the QOMO QITBB65 G BundleBoard G Series is a versatile and reliable interactive LED panel, offering exceptional image quality, user-friendly features, and remote management capabilities. Whether it's for educational, corporate, or public use, this panel is an excellent choice for enhancing communication and productivity.
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