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Need installation help?  Need a special lens or projector for your application?  How about control system and touch panel programming?  We can help!

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If your looking for the best prices and product selection nationwide, Protech can help! Protech Projection Systems specializes in professional presentation and Pro-AV products for powerpoint, retail stores, courtroom and trial lawyers, training facilities, K-12 schools and universities, churches, government installations, smart classrooms, boardrooms and home theaters nationwide.  We offer a full line of the best products and services with 28+ years of experience in system integration and room design. Because we buy in large volumes we can pass those savings on to your school or business!  

Looking to put a projector, document camera or interactive board in each of the classroom at your school?  Call us Toll Free at 1-888-775-0651 or click here for our special 10+ educational pricing.