NEC Lenses

NEC Lenses

NEC Lenses are high-quality optical devices designed specifically for use with NEC projectors. These lenses are engineered to deliver exceptional clarity, sharpness, and brightness, providing users with a superior viewing experience for presentations, videos, and other visual content.

One notable product in this category is the Sharp NP44ML-02LK 0.32:1 Ultra-Short Throw Lens. This lens offers an ultra-short throw ratio of 0.32:1, allowing for large image projection in tight spaces. With a short focal length, this lens is ideal for use in small conference rooms, classrooms, and other environments where space is limited. The Sharp NP44ML-02LK lens delivers crisp images with minimal distortion, making it a great choice for professional presentations and academic settings.

NEC Lenses are built to high standards of quality and durability, ensuring reliable performance and long-lasting use. These lenses are easy to install and compatible with a range of NEC projectors, providing users with flexibility and convenience when setting up their projection systems. Whether you are looking to enhance your business presentations, educational lectures, or entertainment experience, NEC Lenses offer a versatile solution for your projection needs.

In conclusion, NEC Lenses are a essential accessory for NEC projectors, offering users enhanced image quality, versatility, and convenience. With a range of options available, including ultra-short throw lenses like the Sharp NP44ML-02LK, NEC Lenses provide users with the tools they need to create impactful and engaging visual presentations. Upgrade your projection system with NEC Lenses and take your presentations to the next level.
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  • Sharp NP44ML-02LK 0.32:1 Ultra-Short Throw Lens
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    Sharp NP44ML-02LK 0.32:1 Ultra-Short Throw Lens


    Sharp NP44ML-02LK 0.32:1 Ultra-Short Throw Lens Overview Achieve an ultra-short 0.32:1 throw ratio with your NP-PA1004UL or NP-PA804UL projector when you install the NEC NP44ML-02LK 0.32:1 Ultra-Short Throw Lens. Its ultra-short throw ratio allows you...
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