Qomo QPC80 H2 Science Cam with Microscope Adapter

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QPC80 H2

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QPC80 H2

QPC80 has been updated to the QPC80 H2!

State of the Art Features

• QPC80 H2 has one HDMI input and one HDMI output. Hook up your doc cam to any smart panel!
• We added the RS232 to the QPC80 H2. You can instantaneously connect the QPC80 H2 to the control panel.
• VGA – We put in a VGA port so no one will be left behind! You can use any computer to hook up the QPC80.
• QPC80 H2 has stuck with the classics. We kept the feature of the switcher. Any presenter can switch to multiple devices.

Flexible Gooseneck Arm

The flexible gooseneck allows the user to rotate the camera to view objects at multiple angles. The bubble level lets users know when the camera is back to its original angle. Two new features are that the base rotates 180 degrees and the QPC80 H2 now has a microSD slot on the head!

Pair this document camera to view on one of our high quality interactive panels to create an entire presentation solution