Qomo QPC80 H2 Science Cam with Microscope Adapter

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QPC80 H2

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  • Qomo QPC80 H2 Science Cam with Microscope Adapter (QPC80)
  • Qomo QPC80 H2 Science Cam with Microscope Adapter (QPC80)
  • Qomo QPC80 H2 Science Cam with Microscope Adapter (QPC80)
  • Qomo QPC80 H2 Science Cam with Microscope Adapter (QPC80)
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QOMO QPC80 H2 Gooseneck Document Camera

QPC80 has been updated to the QPC80 H2!

State of the Art Features

• QPC80 H2 has one HDMI input and one HDMI output. Hook up your doc cam to any smart panel!
• We added the RS232 to the QPC80 H2. You can instantaneously connect the QPC80 H2 to the control panel.
• VGA – We put in a VGA port so no one will be left behind! You can use any computer to hook up the QPC80.
• QPC80 H2 has stuck with the classics.   Any presenter can switch to multiple devices.

Flexible Gooseneck Arm

The flexible gooseneck allows the user to rotate the camera to view objects at multiple angles.  The bubble level lets users know when the camera is back to its original angle. Two new features are that the base rotates 180 degrees and the QPC80 H2 now has a microSD slot on the head!

Pair this document camera to view on one of our high quality interactive panels to create an entire presentation solution


    Pair this camera with a microscope to capture high definition video of tiny things.

    A doc cam that helps you see things clearly.

    Amplify the naked eye with 6x optical zoom and 10x digital zoom.

    A 30 FPS frame rate for a smooth, uninterrupted display in real-time or recorded video.

The Qomo QPC80 H2 Science Cam with Microscope Adapter is a state-of-the-art document camera that offers an exceptional experience for educators and presenters. With its advanced features and innovative design, this doc cam is a valuable tool for any classroom or conference room setting.

One of the key features of the QPC80 H2 is the HDMI input and output, allowing you to easily connect the doc cam to any smart panel for seamless integration. Additionally, the inclusion of an RS232 port enables instant connectivity to a control panel, providing even more convenience and efficiency.

The QPC80 H2 also offers a VGA port, ensuring compatibility with any computer. This means you can easily connect the doc cam to your computer and utilize its powerful features without any hassle. With the ability to switch to multiple devices, the QPC80 H2 caters to the diverse needs of presenters and educators.

The flexible gooseneck arm of the QPC80 H2 allows for easy rotation and viewing of objects at various angles. A convenient bubble level ensures that the camera is aligned to its original angle, guaranteeing accurate and reliable presentations. Moreover, the base of the doc cam can rotate 180 degrees, further enhancing its flexibility and usability.

The QPC80 H2 also comes equipped with a microSD slot on the head, allowing you to easily capture and store high-definition video. This feature is particularly useful when paired with the optional microscope adapter, which enables users to capture detailed video of tiny objects. With its HD 1080p resolution, powerful optical zoom of 6x and 10x digital zoom, and high frame rate of 30 FPS, the QPC80 H2 ensures a clear and uninterrupted display of visuals in real-time or recorded videos.

In conclusion, the Qomo QPC80 H2 Science Cam with Microscope Adapter is a versatile and high-performance document camera that offers an exceptional presentation solution. With its cutting-edge features, flexible gooseneck arm, and compatibility with various devices, this doc cam is an essential tool for educators, presenters, and professionals in need of a reliable and convenient visual aid.

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