Optoma BX-CAA01 Standard Lens

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Optoma Standard Lens BX-CAA01


Short Throw

Throw Ratio (Distance/Width): 1.0 ~ 1.28
Zoom Range (Ratio): 1.28

Projected Image Size: 50 ~ 500"

Zoom & Focus Adjustment: Motorized

Compatible with the following products:

WU630, ZU650, ZU650+, ZU850

The Optoma BX-CAA01 Standard Lens is a top-quality lens that is designed to deliver stunning visuals and seamless projection experiences. With its impressive features and compatibility with various Optoma projectors, this lens is a must-have for professional presentations, home theater setups, and educational institutions.

One of the standout features of the BX-CAA01 lens is its short throw capability. The lens offers a throw ratio of 1.0 to 1.28, meaning you can project a large image even from a short distance. This feature is particularly useful when space is limited, allowing you to achieve big-screen projection in smaller rooms or tight spaces.

With a motorized zoom and focus adjustment, this lens provides convenience and precision. Whether you need to adjust the zoom to fit the desired image size or fine-tune the focus for razor-sharp clarity, the BX-CAA01 lens makes it effortless. The zoom range of 1.28 ensures flexibility in projecting at varying distances, while the motorized adjustment eliminates the need for manual changes.

The Optoma BX-CAA01 Standard Lens is fully compatible with several Optoma projector models, including the WU630, ZU650, ZU650+, and ZU850. This wide compatibility ensures that you can seamlessly integrate this lens into your existing Optoma setup without any hassle. Whether you're upgrading your projector or simply need a replacement lens, the BX-CAA01 is a reliable choice.

In terms of projected image size, the BX-CAA01 lens offers an impressive range of 50 to 500 inches. This allows for a versatile viewing experience, whether you're enjoying a movie night at home or delivering a business presentation to a large audience. With such a wide range, you can easily adjust the image size to suit your specific needs.

In conclusion, the Optoma BX-CAA01 Standard Lens is a feature-packed lens that guarantees exceptional projection quality and user-friendly adjustments. Its short throw capability, motorized zoom and focus adjustment, and compatibility with various Optoma projectors make it an ideal choice for professionals, movie enthusiasts, and educators alike. Expand your visual horizons with the Optoma BX-CAA01 Standard Lens.
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Warranty Information

Three year warranty or the same warranty period as the original projector, whichever is sooner, for removable, interchangeable Projector lenses.
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