Optoma BX-CTA26 Motorized Zoom Lens

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Optoma BX-CTA26  Motorized Zoom Lens

Optoma Technology Optoma - Throw Ratio 1.2-1.73 1.44x zoom 

The Optoma BX-CTA26 Motorized Zoom Lens is a high-performance accessory designed to enhance your visual experience. This motorized zoom lens is specifically engineered for Optoma projectors, making it the perfect companion to elevate your home theater or professional presentations.

Featuring a throw ratio of 1.2-1.73, the BX-CTA26 allows you to achieve a wide range of projected screen sizes while maintaining exceptional image quality. This flexibility makes it ideal for both small and large venues, providing you with the versatility to adapt to any setting without compromising on performance.

With a 1.44x zoom capability, this motorized lens enables effortless adjustments to the projection size, ensuring that you can achieve the perfect fit for your screen. Whether you need to increase the image size to fill a larger space or reduce it for a more intimate setting, the BX-CTA26 empowers you with seamless control over your visuals.

The motorized zoom function of this lens takes convenience to the next level. Gone are the days of manually adjusting the zoom setting from the projector itself. With the BX-CTA26, you can effortlessly modify the projection size from the comfort of your seat, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – the content being displayed.

Furthermore, this lens is designed to seamlessly integrate with Optoma projectors, ensuring a hassle-free setup process. Its sleek and compact design not only complements the overall aesthetics of your projector but also provides ease of installation.

Whether you are a film enthusiast looking to recreate the immersive cinema experience at home or a professional presenter seeking a seamless visual aid, the Optoma BX-CTA26 Motorized Zoom Lens is the perfect choice. It offers outstanding performance, versatility in screen size options, and effortless control, making it a must-have accessory for anyone looking to enhance their projection experience. Take your visuals to new heights with the Optoma BX-CTA26 Motorized Zoom Lens.
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Warranty Information

Limited Warranty Optoma warrants its accessories of the product (“Accessory”) such as remote controls, carrying cases, cables, lenses and mounts, against defects in material and workmanship if used in accordance with the conditions and recommendations set out in the User Manual. Warranty Periods for different Accessory are available at Optoma’s website. If Accessory becomes defective within the Warranty Period, Optoma will, at its discretion, repair or replace the defective Accessory with new, reconditioned, or re-manufactured one. This warranty does not extend to Accessory which has been subjected to misuse, abuse, neglect, accident, fire, flood, physical damage, incorrect wiring, improper installation, unauthorized service, use in violation of instructions furnished by Optoma, or modification made to it by parties other than Optoma’s own service centers or its Authorized Service Providers (Collectively as “Service Center”). This warranty shall be deemed void if the serial number (not applicable to certain accessories) or other identification of the Accessory has been defaced, damaged or removed. Optoma guarantees the repaired/replaced Accessory for a period of thirty (30) days after Optoma delivers the repaired/replaced Accessory. Should the same fault occur in the same part of the repaired/replaced Accessory due to a same root cause within said thirty (30) day period, End User should request to return the faulty Accessory in accordance with the Return Merchandise Authorization procedure below.
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