Optoma BX-CTA11 Short throw zoom lens

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Optoma BX-CTA11 Short throw zoom lens


The Optoma BX-CTA11 Short Throw Zoom Lens is the perfect accessory for those seeking a wider range of projection options. With its impressive throw ratio of 0.65-0.75:1, this lens allows for easy adjustments to projecting distance, ensuring a crisp and clear image at any setting. Whether you're looking to showcase detailed presentations in a boardroom or creating a cinematic experience in your own home, this lens has you covered.

The lens features a 1.15x zoom, allowing you to effortlessly adjust the image size to fit your needs. From small group presentations to large-scale gatherings, this lens provides versatility in projection size without sacrificing image quality. With a throw distance of 2.30-26.51 feet, you have the flexibility to adapt to any room size, making it suitable for various environments.

The Optoma BX-CTA11 Short Throw Zoom Lens also features lens shift capabilities, allowing you to make precise adjustments to the positioning of the image. This ensures that the projected image is aligned and correctly framed, regardless of the position of the projector itself. With the flexibility offered by lens shift, you can easily achieve optimal projection in any space.

With a focal length range of 13.81-15.95mm, this lens provides superb image sharpness and clarity. Whether you're projecting text-heavy presentations or high-definition videos, every detail will be displayed with precision. The lens is designed to deliver consistent performance, so you can rely on it for your projection needs.

Please refer to the user manual for more information on the lens shift and other features of the Optoma BX-CTA11 Short Throw Zoom Lens. The manual will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to maximize the capabilities of this accessory.

In conclusion, the Optoma BX-CTA11 Short Throw Zoom Lens is a versatile and reliable addition to any projector setup. With its wide projection range, zoom capabilities, lens shift, and exceptional image quality, this lens guarantees a seamless and immersive viewing experience.

Key Features

Throw Ratio
(distance/width) WUXGA: 0.65 – 0.75:1
Zoom 1.15x
Throw Distance
2.30 – 26.51 ft (0.70 – 8.08 m)

Lens Shift See user manual for details
Focal Length (mm)
13.81 – 15.95

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