Optoma 3862RK 86" interactive display

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  • Optoma 3862RK 86" interactive display
  • Optoma 3862RK 86" interactive display


Optoma 3862RK 86" interactive display


Robust collaboration, extensive connectivity options and a value-focused design.  Combining the latest technology and packed with everything a classroom or business requires, the Creative Touch 3-Series delivers all the functionalities and processing power needed to create, educate and collaborate.

Easily access the front-facing ports for HDMI and USB connectivity.  For wireless connectivity, Optoma’s CreativeCast Pro allows up to four users to share content at the same time from their Windows, iOS, macOS, Chrome or Android device.

The easy-to-use interactive displays also make lessons more fun with built-in tools such as templates, type-to-text and handwriting recognition.  As well as collaboration tools such as Cloud Whiteboard, Google Classroom and Vote where teachers are able to collect valuable feedback instantly.

Equipped with an OPS slot, and easy to download OTA updates, the touchscreen display is future-proofed should your requirements change in the ever-changing world of technology. (OPS sold separately).

Key Features

  • Advanced Interaction and Collaboration
  • Advanced Touch Technology
  • Picture-In-Picture
  • Safe and Secure Viewing Experience
  • Datasheet

The Optoma 3862RK 86" Interactive Display is the ultimate solution for collaboration, connectivity, and creativity. Designed with classrooms and businesses in mind, this cutting-edge display offers all the necessary features and power to create, educate, and collaborate effectively.

With conveniently located front-facing ports, including HDMI and USB connectivity, accessing and connecting to external devices is a breeze. Additionally, the display supports wireless connectivity with Optoma's CreativeCast Pro, allowing up to four users to share content simultaneously from their Windows, iOS, macOS, Chrome, or Android devices. This wireless capability enhances collaboration and simplifies content sharing, making it even easier to engage and interact with your audience.

The interactive display is specifically designed for ease of use, offering built-in tools such as templates, type-to-text, and handwriting recognition, making lessons and presentations more engaging and interactive. Furthermore, it features collaboration tools like Cloud Whiteboard, Google Classroom, and Vote, enabling teachers to gather instant feedback, enhancing the learning experience for everyone involved.

To ensure future compatibility with evolving technology, the Optoma 3862RK display is equipped with an OPS slot, allowing for additional hardware integration, and it can easily receive over-the-air (OTA) updates for continuous improvement and feature enhancements. This display is future-proof, ensuring that it adapts to your changing requirements as technology advances (OPS sold separately).

Key features of the Optoma 3862RK 86" Interactive Display include advanced interaction and collaboration capabilities, advanced touch technology for precise and responsive touch response, picture-in-picture functionality for multitasking and efficient content viewing, and a safe and secure viewing experience that protects sensitive data and ensures user privacy.

If you're looking for a state-of-the-art interactive display that combines functionality, connectivity, and versatility, the Optoma 3862RK 86" Interactive Display is the ideal choice. With its extensive features and robust design, it empowers users to revolutionize their educational or business experiences and take collaboration to the next level.

For more detailed information about the Optoma 3862RK 86" Interactive Display, please refer to the datasheet available at [].
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