Optoma 3752RK 75" interactive display

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  • Optoma 3752RK 75" interactive display
  • Optoma 3752RK 75" interactive display
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Optoma 3752RK 75" interactive display


Robust collaboration, extensive connectivity options and a value-focused design.  Combining the latest technology and packed with everything a classroom or business requires, the Creative Touch 3-Series delivers all the functionalities and processing power needed to create, educate and collaborate.

Easily access the front-facing ports for HDMI and USB connectivity.  For wireless connectivity, Optoma’s CreativeCast Pro allows up to four users to share content at the same time from their Windows, iOS, macOS, Chrome or Android device.

The easy-to-use interactive displays also make lessons more fun with built-in tools such as templates, type-to-text and handwriting recognition.  As well as collaboration tools such as Cloud Whiteboard, Google Classroom and Vote where teachers are able to collect valuable feedback instantly.

Equipped with an OPS slot, and easy to download OTA updates, the touchscreen display is future-proofed should your requirements change in the ever-changing world of technology. (OPS sold separately).

Key Features

  • Advanced Interaction and Collaboration
  • Advanced Touch Technology
  • Picture-In-Picture
  • Safe and Secure Viewing Experience
  • Datasheet

The Optoma 3752RK 75" Interactive Display is the ultimate tool for collaboration and connectivity. Whether you're in a classroom or a business setting, this display has everything you need to create, educate, and collaborate effectively.

With its robust design and extensive connectivity options, this display is built to handle any task. Easily access the front-facing ports for HDMI and USB connectivity, making it simple to connect your devices and share content. And with Optoma's CreativeCast Pro, up to four users can share content wirelessly from their Windows, iOS, macOS, Chrome, or Android devices simultaneously.

But this display isn't just about connectivity. It's also packed with features that make learning and collaboration more enjoyable. Built-in tools like templates, type-to-text, and handwriting recognition make lessons more interactive and fun. And with collaboration tools like Cloud Whiteboard, Google Classroom, and Vote, teachers can instantly collect valuable feedback from their students.

The Optoma 3752RK Interactive Display is designed to be future-proof. Equipped with an OPS slot, you can easily upgrade or change your display as technology evolves. And with OTA updates, you can download the latest software updates hassle-free.

Key features of this interactive display include advanced interaction and collaboration capabilities, advanced touch technology for precise input, picture-in-picture functionality for multitasking, and a safe and secure viewing experience for peace of mind.

To learn more about this product, you can refer to the datasheet provided by Optoma. It contains detailed information about the display's specifications, features, and capabilities.

In conclusion, the Optoma 3752RK 75" Interactive Display is the perfect solution for anyone looking to enhance collaboration, connectivity, and creativity in their classroom or business environment. With its extensive features and future-proof design, this display is sure to meet all your needs.
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