DA-LITE 93987 158" Da Snap Screen

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  • DA-LITE 93987 Da Snap Screen
  • DA-LITE 93987 Da Snap Screen
  • DA-LITE 93987 Da Snap Screen
  • DA-LITE 93987 Da Snap Screen



DA-LITE 93987 Da Snap Screen 


The enhanced Fast-Fold® Deluxe Screen System brings an advanced approach to rental and staging applications for set-up and tear-down to accommodate all skill levels.  Its new and efficient portable design features include an intuitive leg-to-frame locking mechanism with no parts to lose.  This screen is now available with HD Rental - a foldable and optically enhanced screen surface for high definition AV experiences, featuring RF (radio frequency) welded binding for improved aesthetics and durability.  NOTE: The former style frame and legs featuring Speedy Cranks is NOT compatible with the wheel and keyway leg-to-frame locking mechanism design launched July 15, 2019.

Key Features

  • Intuitive leg-to-frame locking mechanism, with no parts to lose
  • Frame and legs made of 1 1/4” aluminum tubing (black anodized frame option available upon request)
  • Available in seamless, and up to 16K ready, foldable and optically enhanced screen surfaces for today’s high resolution projectors
  • RF welded binding and matte snap caps for a clean aesthetic
  • After years of use, adjustable corner brace offers additional longevity through correction of frame bowing 
  • Carrying case with wheels


  • Projection Surface: HD Rental
  • Format: HDTV[16:9] 
  • Dimensions: 193" Diagonal (94.5"x 168")


The DA-LITE 93987 DA SNAP SCREEN is an advanced and efficient portable screen system that brings a new level of convenience to rental and staging applications. Designed with the needs of professionals in mind, this screen system features an intuitive leg-to-frame locking mechanism that eliminates the risk of losing any parts during setup and tear-down.

The frame and legs of the DA-LITE 93987 are made of strong and durable 1 1/4” aluminum tubing, ensuring stability and longevity. For those who prefer a sleek and stylish look, a black anodized frame option is available upon request.

This screen is available in seamless, foldable, and optically enhanced screen surfaces that are perfect for today's high-resolution projectors. With up to 16K resolution capability, this screen is ready to deliver stunning visuals for your presentations, screenings, and events.

The DA-LITE 93987 features RF welded binding and matte snap caps, resulting in a clean aesthetic that enhances your overall viewing experience. Additionally, an adjustable corner brace is included to correct frame bowing and ensure years of use without compromising performance.

For added convenience, this screen system comes with a carrying case that includes wheels. Easily transport your screen wherever you need it without the hassle of carrying heavy equipment.

The DA-LITE 93987 DA SNAP SCREEN has a projection surface of HD Rental, offering a high-definition viewing experience for your audience. The screen format is HDTV [16:9], providing a widescreen aspect ratio that is perfect for movies, presentations, and more. With a diagonal size of 193" and dimensions of 94.5"x 168", this screen ensures that your content is displayed with clarity and crispness.

Upgrade your rental and staging applications with the DA-LITE 93987 DA SNAP SCREEN. Its advanced features, convenience, and high-quality construction make it the ideal choice for professionals in need of a reliable and portable screen system. Get ready to impress your audience with stunning visuals and a seamless viewing experience.
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