DA-LITE 70380 208" Da Snap Screen

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DA-LITE 70380 Da Snap Screen 


The enhanced Fast-Fold® Deluxe Screen System brings an advanced approach to rental and staging applications for set-up and tear-down to accommodate all skill levels.  Its new and efficient portable design features include an intuitive leg-to-frame locking mechanism with no parts to lose.  This screen is now available with HD Rental - a foldable and optically enhanced screen surface for high definition AV experiences, featuring RF (radio frequency) welded binding for improved aesthetics and durability.  NOTE: The former style frame and legs featuring Speedy Cranks is NOT compatible with the wheel and keyway leg-to-frame locking mechanism design launched July 15, 2019.

Key Features

  • Intuitive leg-to-frame locking mechanism, with no parts to lose
  • Frame and legs made of 1 1/4” aluminum tubing (black anodized frame option available upon request)
  • Available in seamless, and up to 16K ready, foldable and optically enhanced screen surfaces for today’s high resolution projectors
  • RF welded binding and matte snap caps for a clean aesthetic
  • After years of use, adjustable corner brace offers additional longevity through correction of frame bowing 
  • Carrying case with wheels


  • Projection Surface: HD Rental
  • Format: HDTV[16:10] 
  • Dimensions: 208" Diagonal (110"x 176") 

The DA-LITE 70380 208" Da Snap Screen is an advanced and efficient screen system designed for rental and staging applications. It features a portable design, making it easy to set-up and tear-down for all skill levels.

One of the key features of this screen is its intuitive leg-to-frame locking mechanism, which requires no additional parts and reduces the risk of losing any components. The frame and legs of the screen are made from 1 1/4" aluminum tubing, ensuring durability and stability.

The DA-LITE 70380 208" Da Snap Screen is available with the innovative HD Rental screen surface. This foldable and optically enhanced surface is specially designed for high definition AV experiences. With RF welded binding, the screen offers improved aesthetics and durability. The matte snap caps provide a clean and sleek appearance.

To ensure longevity and prevent frame bowing over time, the screen includes an adjustable corner brace. This feature allows for easy correction and extends the lifespan of the screen.

For convenient transportation, the DA-LITE 70380 208" Da Snap Screen comes with a carrying case with wheels. This makes it easy to transport the screen to different locations without hassle.

With a projection surface designed specifically for HD Rental, the DA-LITE 70380 208" Da Snap Screen is perfect for high resolution projectors. The screen has a format of HDTV [16:10] and is 208" diagonal in dimension, with measurements of 110"x 176".

In summary, the DA-LITE 70380 208" Da Snap Screen is a versatile and advanced screen system that is perfect for rental and staging applications. Its intuitive locking mechanism, durable construction, and HD Rental screen surface make it an ideal choice for those looking for high-quality projection experiences.

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