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ClearTouch CTI-6075A+UH40 75" 6000A+ Series Interactive Panel

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  • ClearTouch CTI-STAND-FIXM-V3 Fixed Mobile Stand


75" 6000A+ Series Interactive Panel w/ USB/HID/AGG/UHD/Android 13/Wireless/40Pts Touch. 2.2 Audio 2X18W Spkr, 2X8W Sub. 8-Mic Array. Inc. Mount and WIFI module

6000A+ Interactive Flat Panel Series

Provide an immersive experience with 4K resolution, up to 40 points of touch, a built-in top-oriented sound bar and microphone array, and a convenient camera USB port location.

Easily integrate it with your existing devices and platforms with the panel's sleek design, Google applications and Play Store access, powerful Android 13 OS, and a range of connectivity options.

Transform your classroom into a dynamic and collaborative learning environment with Clear Touch’s award-winning software suite, which includes tools for collaboration, annotation, presentation, and gamification. Add the Adjustable Mobile Stand to increase equity for all users.

All Clear Touch Interactive Panels Include:

Annotation Capability

Annotate on the panel's screen to clarify and emphasize content, or let students interact with their lesson to personalize and engage with their learning.

Collage Screencasting Software

Share devices to the panel wirelessly, without the need for cables or adapters. Cast up to 9 devices at a time to show videos, presentations, or other multimedia content.

On-Screen Utilities

Use tools like Spotlight, Stopwatch, Timer, and Screenshot during lessons to direct attention, control activity duration, save content for later, and more.

Chorus Digital Whiteboard Software

Create more engaging, interactive, and personalized lessons that improve student learning. Import multiple types of media and unlimited live web browsers all in one place.

Screen Controls

Options to freeze the screen, lock the touch function, and lock the power button allows teachers maintain control of the classroom and provide a more focused learning environment.

Command Panel Management Software

Administrators can manage their Clear Touch panels remotely, including software and firmware updates, emergency broadcasts, announcements, media casting, and more.

Cloud Drive Storage

Easily save and upload your annotations to Cloud Drive. This annotated content can be shared with students for review or used to create lesson plans.

Snowflake Collaborative Software Suite

Transform the classroom into a fun, motivating, and engaging active learning environment by using Snowflake's lesson planning tools, personalized learning, polling, activities, and more.


The ClearTouch CTI-6075A+UH40 75" 6000A+ Series Interactive Panel is the perfect addition to any educational or professional setting. With its immersive 4K resolution and up to 40 points of touch, this interactive panel allows for a truly interactive and collaborative experience.

One of the standout features of the CTI-6075A+UH40 is its built-in top-oriented sound bar and microphone array. This ensures that every voice is heard, making it ideal for presentations, conferences, and classroom discussions. Additionally, the panel includes 2.2 audio with two 18W speakers and two 8W subwoofers, delivering excellent sound quality.

Integrating the panel with your existing devices and platforms is a breeze thanks to its sleek design and a wide range of connectivity options. With Google applications and Play Store access, as well as a powerful Android 13 operating system, you'll have access to all the necessary tools and applications to enhance your productivity and workflow.

In the educational context, the ClearTouch CTI-6075A+UH40 is a game-changer. With Clear Touch's award-winning software suite, teachers can take advantage of tools for collaboration, annotation, presentation, and gamification. This creates a dynamic and engaging learning environment that promotes active participation and knowledge retention. To further enhance accessibility, the Adjustable Mobile Stand is available, ensuring that every user can fully engage with the panel.

The CTI-6075A+UH40 also includes several invaluable features found in all Clear Touch interactive panels. Annotation capability allows users to clarify and emphasize content directly on the screen. Collage screencasting software enables wireless sharing of up to nine devices simultaneously, eliminating the need for cables and adapters. On-screen utilities provide a suite of tools such as Spotlight, Stopwatch, Timer, and Screenshot, making lessons more interactive and organized. Chorus Digital Whiteboard software allows for the creation of engaging and personalized lessons, incorporating multiple types of media and live web browsers. Screen controls provide teachers with the ability to freeze the screen and lock touch functions, fostering a focused learning atmosphere. With Command Panel Management software, administrators can remotely manage and update their panels, ensuring they are always up to date. Cloud Drive storage allows for easy saving and sharing of annotations, enhancing collaboration and lesson planning. Lastly, the Snowflake Collaborative Software Suite offers a range of interactive tools and activities to transform the classroom into an engaging and motivating learning environment.

Overall, the ClearTouch CTI-6075A+UH40 75" 6000A+ Series Interactive Panel is a comprehensive and powerful tool for any educational or professional setting. Its immersive features, connectivity options, and extensive software suite make it an essential addition to enhance collaboration, engagement, and productivity.

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