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ClearTouch CTI-6086K+UH20 86" Interactive Display

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  • ClearTouch CTI-STAND-FIXM-V3 Fixed Mobile Stand


ClearTouch CTI-6086K+UH20 86" Interactive Display

86" 6000K+ Series Interactive Panel with USB HID / AGG / 20 Points of Touch - Ultra HD. Includes wall mount and Android wireless module.


ClearTouch CTI-6086K+UH20 86" 6000K Series.  This sleek design provides an intuitive way to be creative, decisive and accurate when you collaborate with clients and amongst your peers!  With its ease of use, and interactive capabilities, the 6000K series will serve all of your ever-changing technology needs.

  • True Interactive Experience
  • Integrated Software Options
  • Big Viewing Experience
  • Beautiful Pictures
  • Rich Audio Experience
  • Intuitive Touch Experience

4K Ultra HD Screen Resolution

A crystal-clear, anti-glare LCD display with 4K True HD Resolution—even on the Android side—ensures an optimal viewing experience with extreme clarity from any angle, even with the room lights on.

Use the Software of Your Choice

Use our software or yours. Clear Touch® offers bundled software that allows users to mirror their devices wirelessly, write on an infinite whiteboard, create lessons and download curated apps.  Want to use your preferred software instead?  That is fine! Our open systems allow you to use any other third party software – including  competitors.

Easy to Service and Update

Remotely log into all panels connected to your system or department and check usage, energy, set power controls and even run an update, all without leaving your IT desk.  Clear Touch Command™ allows you to send text messages to one or all boards for individual room or building-wide announcements.

Wireless Screen Sharing

Allow users to participate by wirelessly mirroring their devices to the panel.  Connect 1-4 devices simultaneously to the board and allow your audience to participate.

The ClearTouch CTI-6086K+UH20 86" Interactive Display is the ultimate solution for all your collaborative needs. With its sleek design and intuitive features, this interactive panel ensures a seamless and engaging experience for both clients and peers.

Featuring a 4K Ultra HD screen resolution, this display offers crystal-clear, anti-glare visuals that can be viewed from any angle, even in well-lit rooms. Whether you are presenting, brainstorming, or simply enjoying multimedia content, the ClearTouch CTI-6086K+UH20 guarantees a big viewing experience with exceptional clarity.

One of the standout features of this interactive display is its versatility in software usage. You have the option to either use the bundled ClearTouch software, which provides various collaborative tools such as wireless device mirroring, an infinite whiteboard, and curated apps, or you can seamlessly integrate your preferred third-party software. This flexibility ensures that you can work with the software that best suits your needs, whether it be ClearTouch or a competitor's software.

Not only is the ClearTouch CTI-6086K+UH20 an impressive display, but it is also incredibly easy to service and update. With Clear Touch Command™, you can remotely log into all connected panels, check usage statistics, control power settings, and even run updates, all from your IT desk. This streamlines the maintenance process and eliminates the need for manual checks and updates.

Furthermore, wireless screen sharing capabilities allow users to effortlessly mirror their devices to the panel. Multiple devices can be connected simultaneously, enabling seamless collaboration and audience participation. Whether you are hosting a meeting, conducting a training session, or facilitating a classroom discussion, this interactive display empowers everyone to contribute and engage.

In conclusion, the ClearTouch CTI-6086K+UH20 86" Interactive Display is a powerful tool that combines cutting-edge technology with ease of use. It provides a true interactive experience, supports various software options, and offers a big viewing experience with stunning visuals and rich audio. Upgrade your collaboration and communication with the ClearTouch CTI-6086K+UH20 Interactive Display.

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Warranty Information

All panels come with 1-year warranties with optional 3 or 5-year upgrades as well.
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