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Anchor Audio WB-LINK Wireless Belt Pack Transmitter

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Anchor Audio WB-LINK Wireless Belt Pack Transmitter (1.9 GHz)


In an effort to provide the best and most reliable audio systems, Anchor Audio is moving away from the 500 MHz wireless frequency range and introducing AnchorLink - its newest wireless platform operating in the 1.9 GHz wireless frequency range. 

Anchor Audio has been known for its durability, reliability, and quality, and our goal is to continue this reputation. Based on dealer and customer feedback and changing industry standards, we understood that a dependable wireless platform with reduced interference was crucial. AnchorLink is designed to provide clear, reliable audio and the ultimate in wireless microphone convenience and simplicity.


1.9 GHz wireless frequency range

  • A less populated frequency reducing interference 

Automatic frequency hopping

  • Ensure an effortlessly clear transmission without having to manually change the channel 

300’+ line of sight wireless range

  • A significant increase from previous wireless performance 

Volume and mute control on the microphone

  • No longer have to go back and forth to the unit to make adjustments
  • Bodypack transmitter with 300' operating range and 16 user-selectable channels
  • Achieve 6–8 hours of use from 2 AA batteries
  • Requires a microphone with a 3.5mm connector

One-time pair function

  • Pair your mics once and never have to worry about it again

Two microphones per wireless receiver

  • Connect up to four wireless mics on larger systems and up to two mics on smaller systems

The Anchor Audio WB-LINK Wireless Belt Pack Transmitter is an innovative and reliable wireless audio solution for any event or presentation. Designed with durability and convenience in mind, this belt pack transmitter operates in the 1.9 GHz wireless frequency range, ensuring a clear and interference-free audio transmission.

With the 1.9 GHz wireless frequency range, you can experience less interference and a more reliable audio performance. This is especially important in crowded venues or areas with high wireless activity. Say goodbye to interruptions and enjoy uninterrupted audio throughout your event.

The automatic frequency hopping feature on the Anchor Audio WB-LINK Wireless Belt Pack Transmitter makes it incredibly easy to use. It automatically selects the best channel for transmission, so you don't have to worry about manually changing channels. This ensures an effortlessly clear transmission, without any disruptions or dropouts.

With a wireless range of over 300 feet in line of sight, the WB-LINK transmitter provides flexibility and freedom of movement. Whether you are hosting a small conference or a large event, this wireless belt pack transmitter offers exceptional range, giving you the flexibility to move around without worrying about losing the signal.

With volume and mute control directly on the microphone, you have complete control at your fingertips. No more back and forth to the unit to make adjustments - simply adjust the volume or mute the microphone as needed. This convenience enhances the overall user experience and adds to the simplicity of using this wireless transmitter.

The WB-LINK transmitter is compatible with microphones that have a 3.5mm connector, making it versatile and easy to integrate with existing microphone setups. Additionally, the one-time pair function allows you to pair your microphones once and never have to worry about it again.

Overall, the Anchor Audio WB-LINK Wireless Belt Pack Transmitter is a reliable and convenient solution for wireless audio needs. With its advanced features, including the 1.9 GHz wireless frequency range, automatic frequency hopping, and extended range, this transmitter offers exceptional performance and flexibility. Whether you are a presenter, a musician, or hosting an event, the WB-LINK transmitter is the perfect choice for reliable and high-quality audio transmission.
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Warranty Information

Anchor Audio guarantees its AnchorLink microphones and belt packs for up to two years.
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