ViewSonic IFP8650-E1 86" 4K Interactive Display (Bundle)

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  • ViewSonic IFP8650-E1 86" 4K Interactive Display (Bundle)
  • ViewSonic IFP8650-E1 86" 4K Interactive Display (Bundle)
  • ViewSonic IFP8650-E1 86" 4K Interactive Display (Bundle)
  • ViewSonic IFP8650-E1 86" 4K Interactive Display (Bundle)
  • ViewSonic IFP8650-E1 86" 4K Interactive Display (Bundle)
  • Premier Mounts P5080F Low-Profile Mount for Flat Panels up to 300 lb (P5080F)
  • ViewSonic VB-EBW-001 wall mount with motorized height adjustment
  • ViewSonic VPC25-W53-O1-1B ViewBoard i5 Slot-in PC
  • ViewSonic VB-STND-001 Display Stand Trolley Cart
  • ViewSonic LB-WIFI-001 Wireless Module
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ViewSonic IFP8650-E1 86" HD Interactive Commercial Display



Ideal for education environments, this all-in-one ViewBoard® Bundle includes a 86” ViewBoard IFP8650 4K interactive flat panel, a LB-WIFI-001 wireless AC adapter, and a WMK-047-2 wall mount.  Incredible collaborative capabilities for 21st century boardrooms and classrooms.  With vBoard Embedded software, this 86” interactive flat panel lets multiple users write or draw on the screen with their fingers and styluses.  For more robust annotation options, ViewBoard Interactive Annotation Software for Windows PC is available via a free download.

Key Features

  • Ultra HD Resolution
  • 20-point Multi-touch Interactive Screen
  • Qwizdom Oktopus and Ximbus Solutions
  • Out-of-Box Collaboration
  • Free Download Available (For More Info, See Below)
  • Share With Air Class
  • Camera Mounting Bracket Included
  • IFP8650 Datasheet 

Ultra HD Resolution 

With four-times the resolution of Full HD, this Ultra HD 3840x2160 display delivers a breathtaking viewing experience with immersive images that are vibrant, clear, and as large as life.

20-point Multi-touch Interactive Screen 

With a 20-point touch-enabled panel, this display encourages multiple users to simultaneously write or draw on the display's surface using styluses or their fingers – or both at the same time.

Add-on Qwizdom Software 

Qwizdom's award-winning Oktopus collaboration software allows users to annotate and work over or alongside any application, existing content, or over a web browser.  Qwizdom Ximbus is a whiteboarding and collaboration solution for Google and features Google Drive™ and Contacts integration.  For more powerful teaching and enriched learning, these Qwizdom solutions can be purchased as separate add-ons to the ViewBoard®.

Out-of-Box Collaboration 

Integrated with ViewSonic vBoard embedded software and ViewBoard® Cast, as well as Zoom® software, this display delivers out-of-the-box annotation and content sharing capabilities.  This display can also be upgraded with Intel® Unite, which can wirelessly and securely display media from any range of devices such as tablets, laptops, and mobile phones.

ViewBoard™ Interactive Annotation Software 

For more robust annotation options beyond the embedded vBoardsoftware, ViewSonic® ViewBoard® Interactive Annotation Software can be installed via a free download.

Air Class 

Multiple choice and text questions can be displayed on the ViewBoard and shared with remote users, who can then answer the questions via mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops.  The ViewBoard can record the answers and provide statistical results for each device.

Camera Mounting Bracket 

For the best presentation experience in meeting rooms, classrooms, lecture halls, or small huddle spaces, use the included camera bracket to easily mount a conference camera, such as a conference camera from our collaborator, Logitech, onto the ViewBoard.  This enables video conferencing and recording directly from the display – ideal for communicating with remote users.

The ViewSonic IFP8650-E1 86" 4K Interactive Display Bundle is the perfect solution for educational and professional environments. This all-in-one bundle includes the 86" ViewBoard IFP8650 4K interactive flat panel, a LB-WIFI-001 wireless AC adapter, and a WMK-047-2 wall mount. It offers incredible collaborative capabilities for modern boardrooms and classrooms.

The ViewBoard IFP8650 features vBoard Embedded software, allowing multiple users to write or draw on the screen using their fingers or styluses. With its ultra HD resolution of 3840x2160, this display delivers crisp and vibrant images that are truly immersive.

One of the key features of this interactive display is its 20-point multi-touch screen, which enables multiple users to interact and collaborate simultaneously. Whether it's writing notes, drawing diagrams, or navigating applications, the IFP8650 provides a seamless and intuitive user experience.

This bundle also includes the Qwizdom Oktopus and Ximbus Solutions, which offer advanced annotation and collaboration capabilities. Users can annotate and work over any application, existing content, or web browser, making teaching and learning more engaging and interactive.

Out-of-the-box collaboration is made easy with the ViewSonic vBoard embedded software and ViewBoard Cast. Additionally, the display is compatible with Zoom software for seamless content sharing and remote collaboration. For wireless display and media sharing, the display can be upgraded with Intel Unite, allowing for easy connectivity with a range of devices.

To further enhance your annotation options, ViewSonic offers the ViewBoard Interactive Annotation Software, which can be installed via a free download. This software provides additional features and customization options for even more robust annotation capabilities.

The Air Class feature allows for interactive assessments by displaying multiple choice and text questions on the ViewBoard. Users can answer these questions using their mobile devices, and the answers can be recorded and analyzed for statistical results.

For video conferencing and recording purposes, the bundle includes a camera mounting bracket. This bracket allows for easy mounting of a conference camera, such as one from Logitech, ensuring seamless communication with remote users.

Overall, the ViewSonic IFP8650-E1 86" 4K Interactive Display Bundle offers a comprehensive and versatile solution for collaborative environments. With its stunning image quality, intuitive touch capabilities, and advanced annotation features, it is the ultimate tool for engaging and interactive presentations, teaching, and learning.
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Warranty Information

Three-year limited warranty on parts, labor and backlight
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