ViewSonic IFP7552 75" interactive flat panel

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  • ViewSonic IFP7552 75" interactive flat panel
  • ViewSonic IFP7552 75" interactive flat panel


ViewSonic IFP7552 75" interactive flat panel

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The ViewSonic® ViewBoard® IFP7552 is an 75” interactive flat panel display with next-generation whiteboard technologies for immersive learning in any classroom environment.  With a high-accuracy touchscreen and intelligent palm recognition technology, the IFP7552 delivers an intuitive digital whiteboard experience for everyone from the youngest of students to the most experienced teachers.  Featuring 4K Ultra HD resolution, a powerful 45W stereo soundbar and microphone array, this ViewBoard display delivers optimal images and sound for everyone in the classroom as well those learning remotely.  With the integrated myViewBoard™ software ecosystem, this ViewBoard display enables teachers to access legacy files from the cloud, as well as build new interactive lessons.  IT directors will be confident managing files from a secure cloud network, while curriculum directors will be pleased knowing that this software easily integrates with online resources.


The ViewSonic IFP7552 75" interactive flat panel is a cutting-edge display that revolutionizes the way classrooms engage in learning. With its advanced whiteboard technologies and intuitive features, this interactive flat panel brings education to life.

With a massive 75" screen, the IFP7552 provides students with an immersive learning experience, ensuring that every detail is crystal clear. The high-accuracy touchscreen allows for seamless interaction, making it easy for students of all ages to actively participate in class. Additionally, the intelligent palm recognition technology ensures accurate input and eliminates accidental gestures.

Equipped with 4K Ultra HD resolution, the IFP7552 produces stunning visuals that captivate students. Every image and video displayed on the screen is vibrant, lifelike, and highly detailed, promoting a deeper understanding of the subject matter. The powerful 45W stereo soundbar and microphone array deliver crystal-clear audio, creating an immersive learning environment for both in-class and remote learners.

The ViewSonic IFP7552 comes with the integrated myViewBoard software ecosystem. This user-friendly software allows teachers to access and utilize a vast range of teaching resources, both from the cloud and their own collections. With myViewBoard, creating interactive lessons has never been easier. Teachers can seamlessly integrate online resources into their curriculum, ensuring that every student has access to relevant materials.

IT directors will appreciate the secure cloud network management, which simplifies file management and ensures data integrity. The ViewSonic IFP7552 is designed to seamlessly integrate into any educational technology ecosystem, making it a hassle-free addition to your institution's infrastructure.

In conclusion, the ViewSonic IFP7552 75" interactive flat panel is the ultimate teaching companion. Its advanced features, stunning visuals, immersive sound, and easy-to-use software ecosystem make it the ideal choice for educators looking to enhance the learning experience. Upgrade your classroom and transform the way students engage with content with the ViewSonic IFP7552 interactive flat panel.

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