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Sharp 4P-B50EJ2U 50"4K LED Commercial Display

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  • Sharp 4P-B50EJ2U 50"4K LED Commercial Display (4P-B50EJ2U)
  • Sharp 4P-B50EJ2U 50"4K LED Commercial Display (4P-B50EJ2U)


Sharp 4P-B50EJ2U 50"4K , LED Commercial Display


Regardless of the setting, ensure your communication has never been more impressive.  The Sharp AQUOS Commercial TV 4P-B Series offers a wide range of sizes from 50" Class (49.5" diagonal) to 75" Class (75.0" diagonal).  Regardless of your industry, when you need to inform, entertain or engage an audience the 4P-B Series delivers your message with superb picture quality.

The Sharp AQUOS Commercial TV 4P-B series brings out all the color depth, detail and clarity that the content creator intended.  When enabled, high dynamic range (HDR) increases the brightness, contrast and color across a much wider range.  Colors become deeper and more vivid while more detail can be seen in darker shades.

Key Features

  • 50" 4K UHD 3840 x 2160 Resolution
  • Captivate attention with superior visual performance
  • High dynamic range brings picture perfect image quality
  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Comprehensive RS-232C and LAN command set
  • Built-in speakers for powerful audio
  • Wireless casting
  • HTML5 browser and built-in media player
  • Spec Sheet

The Sharp 4P-B50EJ2U 50" 4K LED Commercial Display is a powerful and impressive communication tool that guarantees to leave a lasting impression in any setting. With its sleek and stylish design, this commercial TV is perfect for a variety of industries, ensuring that your message is delivered with superb picture quality.

Featuring a 50" 4K UHD resolution screen, this display captivates attention with its superior visual performance. You can expect vibrant colors, sharp details, and exceptional clarity that brings out all the depth and richness intended by the content creator. What sets this display apart is its high dynamic range (HDR) technology, which significantly enhances the brightness, contrast, and color across a wider range. Experience colors that are deeper and more vivid, while also being able to see more detail in darker shades.

In addition to its stunning visual performance, the Sharp 4P-B50EJ2U also offers a range of convenient features. With the comprehensive RS-232C and LAN command set, you can easily control and manage the display remotely. The built-in speakers provide powerful audio, ensuring that your messages are delivered with clarity and impact.

Wireless casting allows for seamless connectivity and easy sharing of content from compatible devices. Whether you need to display videos, images, or presentations, the built-in media player and HTML5 browser offer versatile options. You can easily showcase your content directly from a USB drive or online platforms.

The Sharp 4P-B50EJ2U also includes a spec sheet, providing all the technical specifications and details you need to make an informed decision.

Overall, the Sharp 4P-B50EJ2U 50" 4K LED Commercial Display combines stunning visual performance, convenient features, and a sleek design. Whether you want to inform, entertain, or engage your audience, this display ensures that your message is delivered with excellence and impact.

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