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Epson BrightLink® Interactive Projectors Now Bundled with SMART Notebook™ Software for educational buyers.

Epson is excited to announce that all Epson BrightLink Interactive Projectors will now be bundled with SMART Notebook software and a one-year subscription of SMART Notebook Advantage for educational buyers.  This winning combination allows educators around the world to use the number-one selling interactive projector with the world's leading collaborative learning software to create visually compelling, engaging and interactive learning experiences. SMART Notebook Advantage subscription lets customers upgrade to new versions of Notebook software during the subscription term, as well as access technical support and unlock premium features within SMART Notebook. Epson's complete BrightLink interactive projector line is tested and fully authorized by SMART for use with SMART Notebook software, and SMART Notebook fully supports BrightLink interactive features such as dual pen and finger-touch. Both Epson and SMART will provide customer support and training for their respective products, giving educators full confidence as they bring more collaboration into classrooms and other learning spaces.