Epson ELPFT01 Interactive Touch Module for Brightlink Interactive

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Interactive Touch Module for BrightLink Interactive Projectors ELPFT01

This optional accessory provides interactive finger-touch capabilities to BrightLink 725Wi/735Fi and 1480 series interactive projectors. With its slim design it easily attaches directly to the top of new or existing dry erase boards to create a large, touch-enabled interactive workspace.

  • Plugs into touch port on select BrightLink interactive projectors
  • Easy calibration
  • Slim design allows users to maximize image/interactive area
  • Easy installation – use screws or included magnets to attach directly to board surface
  • Model: V12H007A23

What's In The Box: 

  • Interactive touch module and cable
  • Calibration markers
  • IR reflectors

Works with :

All Epson Interactive Projectors & Collaboration Tools

The Epson ELPFT01 Interactive Touch Module is the perfect accessory for enhancing the interactive capabilities of your BrightLink 725Wi/735Fi and 1480 series interactive projectors. With its easy installation and slim design, this touch module allows you to transform any dry erase board into a large, touch-enabled interactive workspace.

The ELPFT01 easily plugs into the touch port on select BrightLink interactive projectors, providing seamless integration for a hassle-free setup. With easy calibration, you can quickly and accurately align the touch module with the projected image, ensuring precise touch control and an optimal interactive experience.

The slim design of the ELPFT01 allows you to maximize the image and interactive area on your dry erase board. Whether you are using it for educational purposes in the classroom or for collaborative work in a professional setting, this touch module offers a spacious, interactive workspace for engaging and productive interactions.

Installing the ELPFT01 is a breeze with the included screws or magnets. Simply attach it directly to the surface of your dry erase board, and you are ready to start using it. The included calibration markers and IR reflectors ensure accurate touch recognition and help you achieve the best possible performance from your interactive projector setup.

The Epson ELPFT01 Interactive Touch Module is compatible with all Epson interactive projectors and collaboration tools, providing you with a versatile and convenient accessory that can be used with a wide range of Epson products. Upgrade your interactive capabilities and enhance your presentations, teaching sessions, and collaborative work with this innovative touch module.

Transform your dry erase board into an interactive workspace with the Epson ELPFT01 Interactive Touch Module. With its easy installation, slim design, and seamless integration with BrightLink interactive projectors, this touch module is a must-have accessory for anyone looking to enhance their interactive experience. Unleash your creativity, engage your audience, and take your presentations to the next level with this innovative product from Epson.
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