PRO-M5916 Tilt Wall mount up to 80" display

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Low Profile Tilt Mount for Flat Panel TVs up to 80" displays

As TVs get thinner and lighter, maximum holding capacities decrease as a result. The Tilt Mount for Flat Panel TVs has a slightly reduced weight rating, with the ultimate goal of going slimmer. But rest assured, we did not compromise on build quality. Pick one of these thin TV mounts up to feel the 2.5mm thick steel used to make them, and notice the post-installation leveling screws, built-on lockable tabs, and easy-to-use wall plate to help make your custom AV job that much easier.

Installation - Currently X-Large tilt and fixed mounts include mounting bracket bolts in sizes up to M8 (8mm). Some 65"+ HDTVs require M10 mounting bracket bolts. Please check your HDTV's mounting holes prior to installation.


Solid Construction

Underneath its beautiful black powder coat, the mount is 2.5mm (XL is 3mm) of solid steel. Flat panels are getting thinner and thinner, and so should mounts holding them.

Slimmed Down

With TV's getting ultra slim, it was time to trim some weight off our mounts. Our mounts are only 2-¼" (XL is 2.63") deep for a low profile tilt mount.

Post-Install Leveling

Leveling a mount is fairly straightforward and rather simple – except when you face an unlevel mantle or just slightly sloped ceiling. We understand the pain of having to re-level an installed mount, so our SM-T mounts include post-install leveling screws for last minute adjustments.

LokTight™ Tabs

Our fixed and tilt mounts now include LokTight™ rotating lockable tabs directly on the arms themselves. The lockable tabs keep the arms against the mount, eliminate easy lifting from curious kids, and allow for a locking device to be added for security measures.

Friendly Wall-Plate

The center bolt hole location includes a notch so you can drill in a sheetrock screw for temporary hanging. Plus, it's reversible so there is no set top or bottom, which means no confusion. And, the wide mouth in the center allows for easy placement over a large Midi plate.

The PRO-M5916 Tilt Wall Mount is the perfect solution for mounting flat panel TVs up to 80" displays. With its low profile design, this mount offers a sleek and modern look that complements any living space.

Constructed from 2.5mm thick steel (XL is 3mm), this mount ensures durability and stability, providing a secure and sturdy support for your TV. Despite its solid construction, we have managed to slim down the design to only 2-¼" (XL is 2.63") deep, making it an ideal choice for ultra-slim TVs.

One of the standout features of this mount is the post-install leveling screws. No more hassle of having to re-level your mount due to an unlevel mantle or slightly sloped ceiling. These screws allow for last-minute adjustments to achieve the perfect viewing angle.

The PRO-M5916 Tilt Wall Mount also includes LokTight™ rotating lockable tabs directly on the arms themselves. These tabs not only keep the arms securely against the mount but also prevent easy lifting from curious kids. For additional security, you can even add a locking device.

For easy installation, the mount features a user-friendly wall plate. Its center bolt hole location includes a notch, allowing for temporary hanging with a sheetrock screw. The reversible design eliminates any confusion about the set top or bottom, while the wide mouth in the center enables easy placement over a large Midi plate.

Please note that the mounting bracket bolts included in the package are suitable for most TVs. However, some larger HDTVs may require M10 mounting bracket bolts, so it's essential to check your TV's mounting holes prior to installation.

Upgrade to the PRO-M5916 Tilt Wall Mount and enjoy a seamless and secure way to mount your 80" display flat panel TV. Experience the perfect viewing angle, sleek design, and unmatched build quality with this exceptional tilt mount.
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