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Premier Mounts PDS-PLUS-W universal ceiling mount white

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  • Premier Mounts PDS-PLUS (PDS-PLUS-W)
  • Premier Mounts PDS-PLUS (PDS-PLUS-W)
  • Premier Mounts PDS-PLUS (PDS-PLUS-W)
  • Premier Mounts PDS-PLUS (PDS-PLUS-W)
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Premier Mounts PDS-PLUS-W (white) universal ceiling mount


The PDS-PLUS is a low-profile universal projector mount that can be mounted directly to the ceiling. It features a slotted mounting base with six interchangeable legs (four long and two short) to reach wider mounting points. The PDS-PLUS(-W) mates to standard 1.5 in. NPT pipe, or directly to structural surfaces. It also includes Lock-It™ security hardware, and is OSHPD approved and UL listed. PDS-PLUS is available in black, as well as white (Model: PDS-PLUS-W).

Key Features

The Premier Mounts PDS-PLUS-W Universal Ceiling Mount is a versatile and reliable solution for mounting your projector securely and conveniently. This low-profile mount is designed to be installed directly onto the ceiling, offering a sleek and clean look to any space.

One of the standout features of the PDS-PLUS-W is its slotted mounting base, which is equipped with six interchangeable legs. Four long legs and two short legs are included, allowing you to reach wider mounting points and ensuring compatibility with a range of projector models.

This mount is designed to mate with standard 1.5-inch NPT pipes or can be directly mounted on structural surfaces, providing flexibility in installation options. The PDS-PLUS-W also includes Lock-It security hardware, offering peace of mind that your projector will remain in place even in high-traffic areas.

Not only is the Premier Mounts PDS-PLUS-W a reliable and secure mounting solution, but it also boasts impressive specifications. With a weight capacity of 75 pounds, this mount can hold projectors of various sizes. The adjustable pitch (+16.50°/ -16.50°), roll (+7.50°/ -7.50°), and yaw (+42.00°/ -42.00°) angles allow for precise positioning of your projector, ensuring optimal viewing angles.

The dimensions of the PDS-PLUS-W are 11.8 inches wide, 6.5 inches high, and 11.8 inches deep, providing a compact and unobtrusive mounting solution. The mount is available in a sleek white finish, adding a touch of elegance to your space.

To assist with installation, Premier Mounts provides a detailed dimensional drawing, a comprehensive manual, and a spec sheet for the PDS-PLUS-W. These resources ensure that you have all the information you need to install the mount correctly and securely.

Whether you need to mount a projector in a conference room, a home theater, or any other setting, the Premier Mounts PDS-PLUS-W Universal Ceiling Mount is a reliable and versatile solution. With its strong build, adjustable angles, and easy installation process, this mount is sure to meet your needs and enhance your viewing experience.

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