Panasonic TH-98SQE1W 98" 4K UHD Display

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  • Panasonic TH-98SQE1W 98" 4K UHD Display (TH-98SQE1W)
  • Panasonic TH-98SQE1W 98" 4K UHD Display (TH-98SQE1W)
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Stylish SQE1 series with thin bezel for distraction-free image display.

The 4K-resolution (3840 x 2160) SQE1 series supports 4K/60p signal (HDMI) and is capable of operating 24 hours a day. The SQE series offers a wide viewing angle to deliver information accurately to many people in a large area. It is highly suited for installation in train stations, airports and commercial facilities.

4K PROFESSIONAL24/7 Operation4K Media PlayerPortraitIntel® Smart Display ModuleCRESTRON connected

98-inch class
  • Excellent Visibility
  • Displays clear images with stunning 500cd/m2 Panasonic 4K quality. With a wide-viewing angle, it is an excellent choice for signage applications and conference rooms.
  • Superb Flexibility & Reliability
  • Supports both vertical and tilting installation and 24/7 continuous operation. Equipped with a Wi-Fi function and Web browser to enable you to connect web server and update signage without an STB.
  • Wide Expandability
  • Equipped with the new Intel® SDM specification slot standard. Function boards including PCs can be attached. Meets a wide range of applications, not just signage.

Stunning Panasonic 4K Quality Right Down to the Details

With approximately 8,290,000 pixels, or about four times the pixels of a Full-HD display, images are highly detailed. This dynamic, large-screen display archives true-to-life, finely nuanced images. The 4K display is an excellent choice for meeting rooms where images are often viewed up close, and creates impressive ambience in signage applications for commercial facilities. It can be expected to attract considerable attention.

High Reliability Enables Continuous 24/7 Operation

In addition to being impact resistant, the SQE1 Series is capable of constant, 24/7 operation. It offers reliable use in public spaces where many people gather, such as train stations, airports, and shopping malls, as well as installation in control rooms. It is also equipped with a variety of input/output terminals for versatile applications.

* In case of long time, the moving image is recommended to be displayed. If you display a still picture for an extended period, the image retention might remain on the screen. However, image retention can gradually disappear by displaying a moving images.

A Stylish and Slim Design Accentuates the Image

The narrow bezel renders higher-impact images, further enhancing the 4K picture quality. Without being distracted by the bezel, the viewer becomes immersed in the eye-catching image. You can install it vertically or horizontally to match the space, and tilt it 20 degrees forward*, and for installation in high places, you can tilt the unit for better visibility.

Standard Equipped with a Wide Range of Terminals

The SQE1 Series features four HDMI input terminals, USB Type-A, and Type-C. It is equipped with a DisplayPort input/output and Wi-Fi to enable wireless transmission with a PC. In addition to storefront signage, the SQE1 Series meets a wide range of applications such as digital signage, conference monitor and surveillance monitor.

For USB Media, Simply insert a USB memory stick containing video or still-image content into the main unit for automatic playback in file sequence (number, alphabet sequence).

Supports Intel® SDM Specification Slot Standard

Intel® Smart Display Module

The SQE1 Series is equipped with the Intel® SDM specification slot standard that supports 4K signals. Combined with the interface board, you can easily add various interfaces.

Preinstalled Web Browser Allows for Easy Signage Updates

The SQE1 series is preinstalled with the web browser. So, it can serve as signage using a without an external device, such as a set-top box or PC, or without a connection cable.

Wireless Display Function

The SQE1 Series has been equipped* with Wi-Fi. You can transfer the screen of your PC without a connection cable.
This is convenient when replacing presenters during a conference or when a participant displays data from a PC.

* The 98, 86-inch models are dongle types, and not built-in types.

The Display Has a Built-in 4K Compatible USB Media Player

By simply inserting a USB memory stick onto which content has been saved, playback automatically starts. Since it is 4K compatible, it easily provides 4K digital signage without having to use a PC or set-top box.
Content can be consecutively played without letterboxing.

* The playable application format, GUI and operation procedure for the SQE1 Series' Media Player function are different from those of other models.

For USB Media, Simply insert a USB memory stick containing video or still-image content into the main unit for automatic playback in file sequence (number, alphabet sequence).

HDMI CEC Device Linking Supported

HDMI-CEC compatible devices can be connected to the display by an HDMI cable, enabling the basic operations, of the compatible devices to be controlled by the display's remote control.

* The control of all devices cannot be guaranteed.

* VIERA link is not supported.

Support LAN Control Connection

The SQE1 Series can be controlled by LAN or RS-232C. You can configure the display into your existing control system, and you can control several devices simultaneously. It also supports Crestron Connected™ LAN control.

Cloning Function Saves Labor When Setting Up Multiple Devices

When installing multiple displays, the Cloning function lets you use a USB memory to copy the settings of a parent display to other units, thus greatly shortening the setup time.

Multi Monitoring & Control Software

Compatible with Multi Monitoring & Control Software for addition of new functions, such as automatic searching for map displays and registered devices. Displays and peripheral equipment on the intranet can be controlled and their status can be monitored. Also error notification and error indication can be detected by an indication monitoring function (for a fee) for improved maintenance.

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