Panasonic TH-86CQE1W 86" 4K Display

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  • Panasonic TH-86CQE1W 86" 4K Display
  • Panasonic TH-86CQE1W 86" 4K Display


Panasonic TH-86CQE1W  86" 4K Display 


With approximately 8,290,000 pixels, or about four times the pixels of a Full-HD display, images are highly detailed.  This dynamic, large-screen display archives true-to-life, finely nuanced images.  The 4K display is an excellent choice for meeting rooms where images are often viewed up close, and creates impressive ambience in signage applications for commercial facilities.  It can be expected to attract considerable attention.

Key Features

  • High Reliability Enables Continuous 24/7 Operation
  • A Stylish and Slim Design Accentuates the Image
  • Standard Equipped with a Wide Range of Terminals
  • Supports Intel SDM Specification Slot Standard
  • Spec Sheet

Preinstalled Web Browser Allows for Easy Signage Updates

The SQE1 series is preinstalled with the web browser.  So, it can serve as signage using a without an external device, such as a set-top box or PC, or without a connection cable.

Wireless Display Function

The SQE1 Series has been equipped* with Wi-Fi.  You can transfer the screen of your PC without a connection cable. 
This is convenient when replacing presenters during a conference or when a participant displays data from a PC.

* The 98, 86-inch models are dongle types, and not built-in types.

The Display Has a Built-in 4K Compatible USB Media Player

By simply inserting a USB memory stick onto which content has been saved, playback automatically starts.  Since it is 4K compatible, it easily provides 4K digital signage without having to use a PC or set-top box. 
Content can be consecutively played without letterboxing.

* The playable application format, GUI and operation procedure for the SQE1 Series' Media Player function are different from those of other models.

For USB Media, Simply insert a USB memory stick containing video or still-image content into the main unit for automatic playback in file sequence (number, alphabet sequence).

The Panasonic TH-86CQE1W 86" 4K Display is a dynamic and high-quality display that will captivate any audience. With a resolution of approximately 8,290,000 pixels, this display provides highly detailed and true-to-life images that are perfect for meeting rooms, signage applications, and commercial facilities. Its impressive size and resolution will surely attract attention and make a lasting impression.

One of the key features of the TH-86CQE1W is its high reliability, which enables continuous 24/7 operation. This means that you can rely on this display to perform consistently and flawlessly, even in demanding environments. Its stylish and slim design also enhances the image, making it even more visually appealing.

Equipped with a wide range of terminals, this display offers versatility and convenience. It supports the Intel SDM Specification Slot Standard, allowing you to easily connect and integrate other devices and systems. Whether you need to display content from a laptop, media player, or any other source, the TH-86CQE1W has you covered.

One of the standout features of this display is its preinstalled web browser, which allows for easy signage updates. You can use the display as signage without the need for an external device, such as a set-top box or PC. This feature simplifies the process of updating content and ensures that your signage is always up to date and engaging.

Additionally, the TH-86CQE1W comes with a wireless display function that allows you to transfer the screen of your PC without a connection cable. This is particularly useful during conferences or presentations when you need to seamlessly switch presenters or display data from different PCs.

The display also includes a built-in 4K compatible USB media player, making it effortless to play 4K digital signage content without the need for a PC or set-top box. Simply insert a USB memory stick containing the desired content, and playback will automatically start. This feature is not only convenient but also ensures that your content is played smoothly, without any letterboxing.

Overall, the Panasonic TH-86CQE1W 86" 4K Display is a powerful and versatile display that delivers stunning visuals and exceptional performance. Whether you need it for meetings, signage, or commercial applications, this display will exceed your expectations and make a lasting impact.
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