Panasonic PT-RZ690LWU7 6000 Lumen WUXGA Laser Projector

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  • Panasonic PT-RZ690LWU 6000-Lumen WUXGA Laser Projector
  • Panasonic PT-RZ690LWU 6000-Lumen WUXGA Laser Projector
  • Panasonic PT-RZ690LWU 6000-Lumen WUXGA Laser Projector
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Panasonic 6,000 Lumens, Laser, WUXGA Resolution 4K Input, No Lens, White


The PT-RZ990 Series delivers the brightness, resolution, and color that designers need to enhance exhibits with bright, bold, and vivid pictures.  SOLID SHINE Laser and Quartet Color Harmonizer enhance color-depth and white-balance accuracy for arrestingly realistic pictures even in well-lit spaces.

Projectors support our 1-Chip DLP™ lenses and 4K signal input3 via HDMI® and DIGITAL LINK, adapting to your space with 22.9 kg body and 35 dB5 operation in Normal Mode.  Smart Projector Control app enhances efficiency with On/Off function, lens adjustment, touchscreen OSD navigation, and projection auto-focusing using your smartphone camera6.

Hermetically sealed DMD block, shielded laser drive, and new filter-less cooling system eliminate the hassle of maintenance for 20,000 hours of continuous projection, while brightness ramp and color uniformity remain linear. For extra insurance, Backup Input switches to a failback if primary video is interrupted.

Key Features

  • SOLID SHINE laser reliability
  • 4K signal input via HDMI and DIGITAL LINK
  • WUXGA resolution
  • Reliable even in harsh conditions
  • Easy to install and integrate
  • Excellent uniformity for multi-screen projection
  • 9,400 ISO lumens
  • 10,000 Center lumens
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