Optoma ZH450 4500-Lumen HD Laser DLP Projector

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  • Optoma Zh450 4500-Lumen HD Laser DLP Projector
  • Optoma Zh450 4500-Lumen HD Laser DLP Projector
  • Optoma Zh450 4500-Lumen HD Laser DLP Projector


Optoma ZH450 4500-Lumen HD Laser DLP Projector


Take an environmentally conscious approach to supplying your meeting room or venue with a projector with the purchase of a DuraCore ZH450 4500-Lumen Full HD Laser DLP Projector from Optoma. In addition to other eco-friendly measures the ZH450 uses a DuraCore laser light source which offers a 47% power reduction compared to standard lamp-based Optoma projectors. The light offers high brightness and consistent vivid and accurate sRGB colors along with 4500 lumens that allow the ZH450 to work in fully-lit spaces. Multiple control system support makes management easy and the ultracompact design with 360? horizontal orientation gives you great flexibility with installation.

Key Features

  • 4500 ANSI Lumens
  • DuraCore 30,000-Hour Laser Light
  • Eco-Friendly Construction
  • RS232, AMX, Extron & Crestron Control, Automatic Power Off
  • Project 20 to 322"
  • Full HD On-Screen Resolution 

With 4500 ANSI lumens, the Optoma ZH450 delivers bright and vibrant images,
allowing you to make impactful presentations in any lighting conditions. The
DuraCore laser light technology ensures a long-lasting performance, with a laser
life of up to 30,000 hours. This not only reduces the frequency of lamp
replacements but also minimizes the overall power consumption, making it an
eco-friendly choice.

Designed with the environment in mind, the ZH450 features an eco-friendly
construction that reduces the carbon footprint. This projector also incorporates
advanced control systems such as RS232, AMX, Extron, and Crestron, allowing you
to easily integrate it into your existing AV setup. With automatic power-off
functionality, you can save energy when the projector is not in use, further
contributing to a greener environment.

The Optoma ZH450 supports full HD on-screen resolution, ensuring that your
presentations are crisp and clear. It can project images ranging from 20 to 322
inches, providing ample flexibility for different venues and screen sizes.

With its ultracompact design, you can easily install the ZH450 in any space. Its
360-degree horizontal orientation gives you the freedom to position the projector
in any direction, making it suitable for various installation setups. Whether you
need to mount it on the ceiling or place it on a table, the ZH450 offers
versatility and convenience.

Overall, the Optoma ZH450 4500-Lumen HD Laser DLP Projector is a highly
efficient and environmentally friendly solution for meeting rooms, classrooms, and
venues. It delivers stunning visuals and supports a wide array of control systems for
seamless integration. Its durable laser light source ensures a long lifespan and
reduced maintenance costs. Opt for the ZH450 and experience exceptional image quality and eco-conscious performance.

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