Lumens VC-B11U 4K Web camera

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  • Lumens VC-B11U 4K Web camera (VC-B11U)
  • Lumens VC-B11U 4K Web camera (VC-B11U)
  • Lumens VC-B11U 4K Web camera (VC-B11U)


VC-B11U 4K Auto Framing Webcam

Clear images with 4K sensor, fixed-lens, and WDR
• Effectively capture human voice up to 5 meters
• Hands-free auto framing to include all participants in a perfect view
• Easily control the camera by a mini remote controller or software
• Compatible with Barco ClickShare Conference 

To Be Seen Clearly

The VC-B11U features 4K ultra HD and advanced WDR technology, providing exceptional video. Whether in low light or direct light, it ensures everyone to be seen clearly and perfectly in a video conference by WDR technology.

To Be Heard Clearly

The VC-B11U with a sensitive dual-microphone effectively captures human voice up to 5 meters, ensuring everyone is heard clearly.

Perfectly Stable Video

In a video call, movement can be visually disturbing. The VC-B11U has an extremely fast focusing mechanism that allows the focus function to be completely stable even with major movement in an online meeting.

The VC-B11U has an impressive auto framing feature that can detect everyone in a 120° wide angle. It ensures all participants are framing in a perfect view. *not available in 4KVC-B11U 4K Video Conference Camera LumensSmall-to-Medium Size Meeting Room

• For 3-10 participants
• Video conference with clients or remote coworkers
• On-site team collaboration


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VC-B11U Datasheet 2020/10/13


The Lumens VC-B11U 4K Web camera is a cutting-edge video conferencing solution that delivers exceptional image quality and advanced features to enhance your virtual meetings and collaborations. With its 4K sensor, fixed-lens, and Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology, this camera ensures crystal-clear images that capture every detail, even in low-light or high-contrast conditions.

Not only does the VC-B11U provide superior video quality, but it also ensures that everyone is heard clearly with its sensitive dual-microphone that effectively captures human voice up to 5 meters away. No more struggling to hear participants or missing important information during your meetings.

One of the standout features of the VC-B11U is its hands-free auto framing capability. Using an impressive auto framing feature, the camera can detect everyone in a 120° wide angle and automatically frame them perfectly within the shot. This ensures that all participants are included in the view, eliminating the need for constant manual adjustments.

Controlling the camera is effortless thanks to the mini remote controller or software compatibility. You can easily adjust settings, zoom in and out, and switch between presets, all with just a touch of a button.

The Lumens VC-B11U is also compatible with Barco ClickShare Conference, making it seamless to integrate into your existing conferencing system. This versatile camera is ideal for small to medium-sized meeting rooms, accommodating 3-10 participants. Whether you're conducting video conferences with clients, collaborating with remote coworkers, or facilitating on-site team collaborations, the VC-B11U is the perfect companion.

With its sleek design and compact size, this camera can be easily mounted on a TV or tripod. It comes with a variety of connection options, including USB 3.0 Type C, ensuring seamless compatibility with your devices.

Overall, the Lumens VC-B11U 4K Web camera is your ultimate solution for superior video conferencing experiences. It combines exceptional image quality, advanced features, and effortless control to enhance every aspect of your virtual meetings and collaborations. Upgrade your conferencing setup with the VC-B11U and see the difference it can make.
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