LG 75” UHD UH5E-B Series Signage

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LG 75” UHD UH5E-B Series Signage

Specification Sheet : SPEC_86-75UH5E-98UH5FSeries_012050_LR.pdf


Superior Picture Quality

Superior Picture Quality1

True Color, Immersive View

  • The UH5E series is large enough to display content and get undivided attention from various viewers. LG IPS panel features a wide range of angle to deliver clear content regardless of the position of viewers. Each pixel in the IPS panel reproduces image colors true-to-life, without distortion.

Vivid Color Details with Ultra HD

  • The UHD resolution allows users to view details even when zooming in on the display, with four times higher definition than FHD. The UH5E ensures stable UHD video playback with HEVC(High Efficiency Video Coding).
*ConnectedCare is the brand name of LG Signage365Care Service. Availability differs by region.

The LG 75” UHD UH5E-B Series Signage delivers superior picture quality that captivates viewers with its vivid and true-to-life colors. Featuring a large display size and LG IPS panel technology, this signage ensures clear content visibility from any viewing angle without color distortion. With Ultra HD resolution, users can enjoy detailed visuals with four times higher definition than Full HD, guaranteeing stable UHD video playback with HEVC for an exceptional viewing experience.

Managing content is made easy with the built-in CMS, enabling effortless content creation, editing, and scheduling without the need for a separate PC. The Group Manager feature allows for centralized control of multiple displays connected to the same network, simplifying content distribution. The signage's webOS Smart Signage Platform supports various sensor applications, making it versatile and cost-effective with no additional software required.

Experience multi-screen capabilities with PBP and PIP functionalities, offering flexibility in displaying content from up to four input sources simultaneously. Real-time monitoring and control through the Control Manager ensure prompt responses to emergencies and remote management of display status. Maintenance is hassle-free with LG Connectedcare, providing cloud-based remote diagnosis and control services for stable operations.

Enjoy wireless solutions such as content sharing, real-time promotion, and acting as a wireless access point for mobile devices. The UH5E Series is compatible with professional AV control systems, offering seamless integration and enhanced automation. Its sleek and slim design, along with detachable logos and built-in speakers, enhances the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the signage, ensuring a space-efficient and impactful advertisement display.

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