Epson PowerLite L630U WUXGA Laser Projector

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  • Epson PowerLite L630U WUXGA Long Throw Laser Projector (V11HA26020)
  • Epson PowerLite L630U WUXGA Long Throw Laser Projector (V11HA26020)
  • Epson PowerLite L630U WUXGA Long Throw Laser Projector (V11HA26020)
  • Epson PowerLite L630U WUXGA Long Throw Laser Projector (V11HA26020)
  • Premier Mounts PDS-PLUS (PDS-PLUS-W)


new.png  Epson PowerLite L630U WUXGA Long Throw Laser Projector

The ultra bright Full HD WUXGA projector for classrooms, meetings and more.

Share bright, easy-to-read displays for meetings, lectures and more with the PowerLite L630U long-throw laser projector. Offering an incredible 6,200 lumens of brightness, the PowerLite L630U enhances spaces with vibrant, true-to-life, Full HD WUXGA images. Ideal for business, education and beyond, this versatile projector displays up to 500" and provides an array of features for engaging, impactful experiences, including integrated wireless networking and Miracast® for easy sharing from laptops and smart devices. A convenient, easy-to-use solution, the PowerLite L630U features a virtually maintenance-free 20,000-hour laser light source, plus a variety of built-in tools, lens shift and advanced software for easy, streamlined installation.


Designed for laser-focused learning, the PowerLite L630U, offers 6200 lumens of equal color and white brightness for powerful performance, flexible placement and exceptional image quality in schools and meeting rooms.  Different from other classroom display technology, these laser solutions deliver images up to 500 inches 16:10 or ultra-wide 16:6 displays for optimal visibility in hybrid education and meeting room settings.  These new PowerLite L models come equipped with versatile connectivity options and easy installation tools, including lens shift, HDBaseT and 360-degree placement flexibility, along with 5GHz enterprise-level wireless, upgraded Miracast® and screen sharing for enhanced collaboration.  Powered by a virtually maintenance-free, 20,000-hour laser light source with no lamps to replace, the new PowerLite L-Series is designed for reliable operation with energy-saving features for a long lifecycle.

Bright, cost-effective display solutions

Providing bolder, brighter, more engaging and impactful displays even in brightly-lit environments, the EB-L630U offers impressive 6,200-lumen brightness and WUXGA Full HD resolution at an affordable price.  This means that users can upgrade to laser performance and reliability, with reduced power consumption, without paying a premium.  It also features: 4K input support, detail enhancement technology, edge blending and wide lens shift to fit challenging installation environments.  The EB-L630U is capable of up to 500-inch displays, without any reduction in clarity or vivid detail.

Key Features

  • 6,200-lumen brightness: Crisp images and bright colours, even in well-lit rooms
  • WUXGA resolution: Sharp Full HD images for excellent clarity
  • Futureproofed connectivity options: 4K input support, HDMI, HDBaseT, integrated Wi-Fi and screen mirroring
  • Easy, flexible installation: Lightweight and compact design with wide lens shift
  • Support social distancing: Scalable display size of up to 500 inches
  • Download the Epson Powerlite L630U spec sheet here

The Epson PowerLite L630U WUXGA Laser Projector is the ultimate solution for bright, easy-to-read displays in classrooms, meetings, and more. With a stunning 6,200 lumens of brightness, this projector offers vibrant, true-to-life Full HD WUXGA images that enhance any space. Whether you're in a business or educational setting, this versatile projector can display images up to 500", providing an engaging and impactful experience.

One of the standout features of the PowerLite L630U is its integrated wireless networking and Miracast® capabilities, allowing for easy sharing from laptops and smart devices. This makes it a convenient and user-friendly solution for collaborative environments. Additionally, the projector boasts a virtually maintenance-free 20,000-hour laser light source, ensuring reliable operation and a long lifecycle.

Designed specifically for classrooms and meeting rooms, the PowerLite L630U offers 6,200 lumens of equal color and white brightness, providing exceptional image quality and flexibility in placement. Unlike other display technologies, the laser solutions of the PowerLite L-Series deliver images up to 500" with optimal visibility, making it ideal for both hybrid education environments and meeting rooms.

With versatile connectivity options, including 4K input support, HDMI, HDBaseT, and integrated Wi-Fi, the PowerLite L630U can easily adapt to any setup. Its lightweight and compact design, along with wide lens shift capabilities, make installation a breeze. And in today's world where social distancing is crucial, the scalable display size of up to 500 inches ensures that everyone can see and engage with the content.

Not only does the PowerLite L630U deliver a bright and cost-effective display solution, but it also features detail enhancement technology, edge blending, and impressive WUXGA Full HD resolution for excellent clarity and vividness. Upgrade to laser performance and reliability with reduced power consumption without the premium price.

The Epson PowerLite L630U WUXGA Laser Projector is the perfect choice for those seeking a high-quality, reliable, and easy-to-use projector for classrooms, meetings, and beyond. Experience the power of bright, engaging, and cost-effective displays with the PowerLite L630U.

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