Epson ELPLW06 Wide Short Throw Lens #2 (1.19 - 1.62)

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Epson ELPLW06 Wide-Throw #2 Zoom Lens


Epson's Wide Zoom Lens (ELPLW06) is an interchangeable lens that works with PowerLite Pro G7XXX and Pro LXXX Projectors (excludes the Pro L25000 Projector).

  • Zoom Ratio: 1.0 - 1.4x
  • Throw Ratio (4.3): 1.66 - 2.27
  • Throw Ratio (16:10): 1.62 - 2.22
  • Throw Ratio (16:10): 1.19 - 1.62, for Pro L1500 and Pro L1505

The Epson ELPLW06 Wide Short Throw Lens #2 is a powerful and versatile lens that can enhance the functionality and performance of your Epson PowerLite Pro G7XXX and Pro LXXX Projectors. Designed to provide a wider throw and increased zoom capability, this lens is the perfect choice for professionals and enthusiasts who demand exceptional image quality and flexibility.

With a zoom ratio of 1.0 - 1.4x, the ELPLW06 allows you to easily adjust the image size according to your specific needs. Whether you need to fill a small screen or project onto a larger surface, this lens ensures optimal clarity and sharpness in every projection. You can now captivate your audience with stunning visuals that have greater depth and detail.

Additionally, the throw ratio of this lens further extends its versatility. With a throw ratio of 1.66 - 2.27 in 4:3 aspect ratio and 1.62 - 2.22 in 16:10 aspect ratio, the ELPLW06 enables you to project images from various distances with ease. Whether you are in a cramped room or a spacious auditorium, this lens ensures that you can project your content with precision and accuracy.

Moreover, the Epson ELPLW06 Wide Short Throw Lens #2 is specifically designed for the Pro L1500 and Pro L1505 Projectors, guaranteeing compatibility and seamless integration. You can now enjoy all the benefits of this high-quality lens without any technical issues or limitations.

Built with Epson's commitment to excellence and innovation, the ELPLW06 Lens not only delivers outstanding image quality but also ensures long-lasting durability and reliability. Its robust construction and advanced optical technology make it a worthy investment for professionals who rely on top-tier performance.

Upgrade your projection experience with the Epson ELPLW06 Wide Short Throw Lens #2. Its impressive zoom capabilities, versatile throw ratios, and superior image quality set it apart from other lenses in the market. With this lens, you can elevate your presentations, home theater experience, or professional projections to a whole new level.

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