Da-Lite 70279L Cosmopolitan Electrol 100" x 160" (189" diag)

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  • Da-Lite 70279L Cosmopolitan Electrol  100" x 160" (189" diag)
  • Da-Lite 70279L Cosmopolitan Electrol  100" x 160" (189" diag)
  • Da-Lite 70279L Cosmopolitan Electrol  100" x 160" (189" diag)


Da-Lite 70279L Cosmopolitan Electrol  100" x 160" (189" diag)

Screen Size/Material

Size: 100" x 160" (164" diag)
Screen Material: Da-Mat
Format: (16:10)
Control: Low Voltage

Key Features

  • Two-piece aluminum case with mounting brackets for wall or ceiling mount installation on 188" Diagonal and over
  • Decora-style, three-position wall switch
  • Available with built-in low voltage control, Video Projector Interface (screen trigger) or silent motor
  • Standard white powder-coated housing finish; available in black upon request
  • Standard black backing retains projected brightness on front projection surfaces
  • Seamless surfaces in all model

- Da-Lite 70279L Cosmopolitan Electrol is a high-quality projection screen with a screen size of 100" x 160" (189" diagonal). It is perfect for large venues and professional presentations.

- The screen material used is Da-Mat, known for its excellent projection quality and accurate color reproduction. With a 16:10 format, it provides a widescreen viewing experience, ideal for multimedia presentations and movies.

- The key feature of this product is its two-piece aluminum case with mounting brackets, allowing for easy wall or ceiling installation. It is designed for screens with a diagonal size of 188" and larger, ensuring a secure and stable setup.

- The Decora-style three-position wall switch adds convenience and flexibility to the installation. It allows users to easily control the screen with options for up, down, and stop positions. The low voltage control ensures safe and reliable operation.

- This product also offers additional options such as built-in low voltage control, video projector interface (screen trigger), or a silent motor. These features cater to various needs and preferences of users, providing them with customizable options to enhance their viewing experience.

- The standard white powder-coated housing finish gives the product a sleek and professional look. However, upon request, it is also available in black, providing a sophisticated and stylish option to match different décor styles.

- To ensure optimal projection quality, the screen comes with a standard black backing. This feature enhances the contrast and retains the projected brightness on front projection surfaces, resulting in vibrant and clear images.

- Furthermore, this product boasts seamless surfaces in all models, ensuring a smooth and seamless visual experience without any distortion or distractions.

- Overall, the Da-Lite 70279L Cosmopolitan Electrol is a versatile and reliable projection screen that delivers exceptional image quality and a seamless viewing experience, making it the perfect choice for large-scale presentations, screenings, and events.
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