Da-Lite 60" x 80"/100" Diagonal, Cosmopolitan Electric Screen

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Da-Lite 60" x 80"/100" Diagonal, Cosmopolitan Electric Screen


  • Video forma
  • Matte White
  • Low Voltage Controller built in
  • 60" x 80" or 100" diagonal
  • Standard 120V (60Hz) 

Key Features

  • Two-piece aluminum case with mounting brackets for wall or ceiling mount installation on 188" Diagonal and over
  • Decora-style, three-position wall switch
  • Available with built-in low voltage control, Video Projector Interface (screen trigger) or silent motor
  • Standard white powder-coated housing finish; available in black upon request
  • Standard black backing retains projected brightness on front projection surfaces
  • Seamless surfaces in all models
  • Ideal for applications where a recessed installation is not desired or feasible
  • Patented in-the-roller motor mounting system for quiet operation
  • Standard white powder-coated finish
  • Matte White fabric up to 10' high will be seamless; Glass Beaded fabric up to 8' will be seamless; Video Spectra 1.5 and High Contrast Matte White fabric available in sizes up to 8' high; High Power fabric is available in sizes up to 9 x 12' and will be seamless in sizes up to 6' high
  • Optional floating mounting bracket allows screen to be mounted onto a wall or ceiling studs and aligned left or right after installation by releasing two sets of screws


The Da-Lite 60" x 80"/100" Diagonal, Cosmopolitan Electric Screen is a high-quality projection screen suitable for various applications.  With its sleek design and advanced features, this screen delivers an outstanding viewing experience.

This electric screen features a matte white video format that ensures excellent picture quality. It is available in two sizes: 60" x 80" or 100" diagonal, allowing you to choose the screen size that best fits your needs.  It operates on a standard 120V (60Hz) power supply, providing convenience and compatibility.

The Da-Lite Cosmopolitan Electric Screen comes with a two-piece aluminum case and mounting brackets, enabling easy installation on walls or ceilings.  This makes it suitable for different spaces, whether for personal use in a home theater or for professional use in a conference room.

The screen is equipped with a decora-style, three-position wall switch, allowing for easy control of screen operation.  It also offers additional options, such as built-in low voltage control, a video projector interface (screen trigger), or a silent motor, giving you flexibility in choosing the control method that suits your preferences.

With its standard white powder-coated housing finish, the screen blends seamlessly into any environment.  However, if you prefer a black finish, it is available upon request.  The black backing of the screen effectively retains projected brightness on front projection surfaces, optimizing the visual performance.

One notable feature of this electric screen is its patented in-the-roller motor mounting system, ensuring quiet and smooth operation.  You can enjoy your favorite movies or presentations without any distracting noise.

The screen is available in a variety of fabric options, such as Matte White, Glass Beaded, Video Spectra 1.5, High Contrast Matte White, and High Power.  Depending on the fabric chosen, the screen can be seamless up to certain heights, offering a seamless viewing experience.

For added convenience, an optional floating mounting bracket is available, allowing for easy wall or ceiling mounting and alignment adjustment after installation.

Overall, the Da-Lite 60" x 80"/100" Diagonal, Cosmopolitan Electric Screen is a reliable and versatile projection screen that delivers exceptional visuals and ease of use.  Whether for home entertainment or professional presentations, this screen is designed to enhance your viewing experience.

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