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Clear Touch CTI-STAND-FIXM Fixed Mobile Stand

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Clear Touch Fixed Mobile Stand5000 Series Compatibility

Fixed Mobile Stand - Solid base with shelf. Manual Height Adjustment - Black - DOES NOT include wall mount (for use with ALL series up to 98")



A strong and sturdy mobile stand

The Clear Touch CTI-STAND-FIXM is a fixed mobile stand that fits 55" to 98" Clear Touch interactive panels. This strong and sturdy mobile stand supports a display up to 300 lbs. It offers three different height settings for different applications. A convenient shelving is also offered for your devices. The CTI-STAND-FIXM weighs about 81 lbs. and is backed by a 90-day replacement warranty.

Give access to every student

Classroom interactivity should not be limited to just a few students. Clear Touch Interactive panels give every student the opportunity to participate. With Clear Touch mobile stand, you can easily tilt the panel 90 degrees, and lower it to give access to shorter students or students in wheelchairs. 

Easily reconfigure your classroom

Sometimes the most effective thing for your students’ learning is to reconfigure your classroom. A new classroom setup often increases student’s curiosity and willingness to interact together. In the past, reconfiguring your classroom could be a nightmare. But with Clear Touch Interactive panels on mobile stands, you can easily reconfigure your classroom on the fly. 

Take learning on the go

Sometimes special circumstances or unique learning opportunities require that your classroom technology is portable. This would be nearly impossible with traditional classroom technology, such as projectors and many interactive whiteboards. Clear Touch mobile stands allow you to easily wheel panels to wherever you need them, whether outside for a graduation ceremony or down the hall.

Key Features

  • Strong and sturdy, supporting up to 300 lbs
  • Convenient shelving for your other devices
  • Three different height settings for different applications
  • Supports 55”–98” Clear Touch Interactive panels


  • Shipping weight: 99 lbs
  • Shipping dimensions: 60″ x 26″ x 5″

Download Spec Sheet

The Clear Touch CTI-STAND-FIXM Fixed Mobile Stand is the perfect solution for your interactive panel display needs. Compatible with the 5000 series, this fixed mobile stand offers a solid base with a convenient shelf for your devices. Its manual height adjustment feature allows for three different height settings, ensuring optimal viewing for various applications.

Designed to support displays up to 300 lbs, the CTI-STAND-FIXM is a strong and sturdy mobile stand that provides stability and durability. With its sleek black finish, it seamlessly blends into any classroom or professional setting.

One of the standout features of this mobile stand is its ability to give access to every student. The Clear Touch CTI-STAND-FIXM allows you to easily tilt the interactive panel 90 degrees and lower it, providing access for shorter students or those in wheelchairs. This ensures that all students have the opportunity to participate and engage in classroom activities.

In addition to its accessibility features, this mobile stand also allows for easy classroom reconfiguration. By simply wheeling the Clear Touch interactive panel to a new location, you can create a new classroom setup that stimulates curiosity and encourages collaborative learning. No longer will reconfiguring your classroom be a nightmare with this versatile mobile stand.

Take learning on the go with the Clear Touch CTI-STAND-FIXM Fixed Mobile Stand. Its portability makes it ideal for special circumstances or unique learning opportunities that require you to move your classroom technology. Whether it's for a graduation ceremony outside or simply down the hall, this mobile stand allows you to effortlessly wheel your interactive panel to wherever you need it.

With key features such as its strength and sturdiness, convenient shelving, and three different height settings, the Clear Touch CTI-STAND-FIXM Fixed Mobile Stand is the perfect complement to your Clear Touch Interactive panel. It supports 55” to 98” panels, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of displays.

The CTI-STAND-FIXM weighs approximately 81 lbs. and is backed by a 90-day replacement warranty, giving you peace of mind with your purchase. Its shipping weight is 99 lbs. and the shipping dimensions are 60" x 26" x 5". For detailed specifications, you can download the spec sheet from the provided link.

Enhance your classroom interactivity and convenience with the Clear Touch CTI-STAND-FIXM Fixed Mobile Stand.
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