Viewsonic VB-STND-005 stand

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  • Viewsonic VB-STND-005 stand (VB-STND-005)
  • Viewsonic VB-STND-005 stand
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The ViewSonic® VB-STND-005 provides mobility to VESA compatible large format displays ranging from 55" to 98" screen sizes and weighing up to 243 lbs. With a sleek, modern design and easy installation, the VB-STND-005 can be incorporated into any space with its mobility and height-adjustable design.

  • Slim and lightweight
  • Modern design
  • Easy installation
You can lift or lower the height of the mount

Manual Height Adjust

Slim and Compact Design: Smoothly and effortlessly roll your display through doorways and within confined spaces.

a photo showing the mount without attached display

Robust and Reliable Design

Robust and Reliable Design: The VB-STND-005 mobile cart safely supports 55-inch to 98-inch displays weighing up to 243 pounds, and features adjustable mounting brackets to accommodate VESA patterns from 400×400 to 1070×600.

a close-up of someone's foot engaging the quick release wheel locks

Quick-Release Wheel Locks

Manual Height Adjust: Raise and lower your display to improve line-of-sight and accessibility.

a photo showing the mount in a classroom hallway

Slim and Compact Design

Quick-Release Wheel Locks:Eeasily lock each wheel with your foot to ensure your display remains safely in place.

a laptop sitting on a shelf below the display

Convenient Storage Tray

Convenient Storage Tray: Included steel tray supports up to 15 pounds, providing a strong and stable surface for your laptop, gaming console, or other AV equipment.

The ViewSonic VB-STND-005 stand is the perfect solution for adding mobility and height-adjustability to your large format displays. With a sleek and modern design, this stand can seamlessly blend into any space.

One of the standout features of this stand is its slim and lightweight design. With smooth and effortless rolling capabilities, you can easily navigate through doorways and within confined spaces. Whether you need to move the display from one room to another or simply reposition it within a room, this stand makes it a breeze.

Not only is the VB-STND-005 easy to move around, but it also boasts a robust and reliable design. It can safely support displays ranging from 55 inches to 98 inches, weighing up to 243 pounds. The adjustable mounting brackets can accommodate VESA patterns from 400x400 to 1070x600, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of displays.

With manual height adjustability, you have full control over the line-of-sight and accessibility of your display. Whether you want to raise it to make it more visible or lower it for easier interaction, this stand allows for easy and seamless height adjustments.

The quick-release wheel locks add an extra layer of convenience and safety. By simply engaging the locks with your foot, you can ensure that your display remains securely in place, preventing any accidental movement.

In addition to its impressive mobility and stability, the VB-STND-005 also features a convenient storage tray. Made of steel, this tray can support up to 15 pounds, providing a strong and stable surface for your laptop, gaming console, or other AV equipment. With everything neatly organized and within reach, you can create a clutter-free and efficient setup.

Overall, the ViewSonic VB-STND-005 stand is an excellent choice for anyone in need of a reliable, versatile, and stylish stand for their large format displays. Whether it's for educational, corporate, or entertainment purposes, this stand will elevate your viewing experience to new heights.
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