Sharp PN-Y436 43"LCD Monitor

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Sharp  43"LCD Monitor PN-Y436


The 43" Professional LCD Monitor from Sharp is designed for ease of use and flexibility in a variety of settings. It has the functionality to support easy content distribution. Whether in retail, public, or office setting, it can help convey your message easily. So, if you're seeking a multifaceted signage solution with around-the-clock reliability and easy content distribution, the slimline monitors offer good value. Everything from thin lines to text to photographic images can be displayed in good clarity. A narrow bezel keeps the emphasis on onscreen content, so that information is conveyed clearly. The simple design matches a variety of locations and business settings, from small shops to large corporations and industrial environments. Whether in a landscape or portrait orientation, the monitor can be installed face up, face down, or tilted forward or backward at an angle of up to 90°. Such flexibility helps you to incorporate the monitor into a variety of settings. It supports easy daily usage and versatile content distribution. 

Simply insert a USB memory device or SD card for plug-and-play operation. Using a specified wireless SD card equipped with an original Sharp HTML application, you can distribute content wirelessly from a PC or mobile device. Furthermore, operating over LAN, SHARP Content Distributor software supports convenient content distribution and management via network. Just insert a USB memory device or SD card into the LCD monitor and the built-in media player starts playing your content right away. There's no need for a PC and cables. With a wireless SD card, you can wirelessly overwrite the content stored on the card. Using a wireless LAN makes it easy to distribute content from a PC, tablet or other mobile device, giving you a convenient data-transmission experience. There's no need to insert or remove the card at the back of the monitor when you want to overwrite the content

Main Features

  • Full HD resolution
  • Register up to 50 content lists, each compromising up to 30 files of videos or pictures
  • Around-the-clock operation seven days a week
  • Power-on delay
  • Set a time and day of the week for content distribution to a maximum of 20 pre-registered LCD monitors
  • Fanless architecture maintains airflow while dissipating heat, without the use of noisy, dust-creating mechanical air-ventilation fans
  • Built-in speakers eliminate the need for external speakers
  • Anti-theft covers for USB memory device and SD card slots
  • Built-in temperature sensor detects rising temperature inside the monitor and automatically prompts an adjustment of backlight brightness
  • Mirror display (daisy chain) mode enables the same image to be displayed on series of LCD monitors
  • 9.5mm bezel
  • Supports log management
  • The log can be viewed on PC
  • ID Setting for easy control of individual monitors



3-Year Onsite Limited Warranty