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Sharp PN-V601A 60" Widescreen LED-Backlight LCD Display 


Sleekly styled and sized-to-impress, the PN-V601A/V600A professional LCD monitor delivers sensational digital signage in public places, commercial establishments, and transportation hubs and gives businesses a cutting-edge platform for presentations and videoconferences. And while it takes just one 60-inch PN-V601A/V600A to catch the eye, multiple slim-bezel monitors joined in nearly seamless configurations make for utterly dazzling video walls that command attention, make an impact, and expand the possibilities of what displays can do. Visually persuasive and digitally dynamic, PN-V601A/V600A multi-monitor configurations are broadening the very scope of visual communication.

For High Visual Impact and Multi-Monitor Dynamics

Joining multiple PN-V601A/V600A monitors together creates eye-catching video walls for an expanded range of infiuence, wherever the setting. Easy to assemble and easily controlled via the RS-232C interface or a network*, dynamic multi-monitor configurations bring high-impact exposure to commercial and business content.

  • Units: cm (measurements are approximations that include the bezel width)
  • * PN-ZB02 is required when controlling the monitors via a network.

Crisp Images

The PN-V601A/V600A incorporates Sharp's UV2A technology to ensure highly efficient use of light from the backlight and prevent light leakage. The result—truly bright whites and extremely deep blacks. A brightness of 700 cd/m2 (PN-V601A) or 450 cd/m2 (PN-V600A) supports these LCD monitors in their digital signage duties.

Full-Array LED Backlight

To give the PN-V601A/V600A uniform brightness, LED elements are evenly positioned across the entire panel directly behind the liquid crystal layers, ensuring that Sharp multi-monitor displays are consistently bright and beautiful.


Enlarge (Zoom) Display Mode 
(for up to 25 Monitors)

The Enlarge (Zoom) Display mode can spread one image across up to 25 monitors (in a 5 x 5 configuration) from a PC. The Frame Width Adjustment function eliminates misalignment and boldly enhances the enlarged image on a multi-screen display.





3-Year Onsite Limited Warranty