Sharp PN-E603 60" Monitor

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Sharp PN-E603 60"-HD Commercial LED Monitor 


Thin, Lightweight Design

Streamlined for a pleasing appearance and minimal protruding parts, these professional LCD monitors boast exceptionally thin profiles. At their thickest point, the PN-E703 and PN-E603 measure just 39.4 mm (1 9/16"), while the PN-E803 measures only 96 mm (3 3/4"). The thin and lightweight design of PN-E803/E703/E603 monitors gives them a stylish profile and facilitates easy installation in a variety of settings.

Choice of Screen Size and 
Installation Mode

The choice of three screen sizes—80, 70, or 60 inches—means you can select the high-quality professional LCD monitor that's right for the type of content you plan to show and for your specific installation purposes. These monitors can be installed in either a landscape or a portrait orientation. Portrait mode offers the look and impact of a poster, while landscape mode puts wide images on vivid display. Optimise your choice and maximise your audience impact.

24/7 Operation

Built solid, the PN-E803/E703/E603 monitors are ideal for use in 24-hour stores and in other demanding professional applications that require around-the-clock operation seven days a week.

Sharp Digital Signage Software (Option)

Sharp Digital Signage Software is versatile management software that provides total support for the creation, scheduling, distribution, and display of a wide range of content for the PN-E803/E703/E603. To meet the various needs of its customers, Sharp offers different versions of the software: PN-SS01 for stand-alone systems; PN-SS02 Network, PN-SS05 Pro, and PN-SW05 Pro Web Server versions for networked systems; and PN-SV01 Viewer Version.





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