Panasonic PT-DZ13KU 3DLP, WUXGA Projector

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Panasonic PT-DZ13KU 3-Chip DLP™ Large Venue Projector 

(Lens Not Included)


Combining 3-Chip DLP imaging with Panasonic’s original SOLID SHINE Laser technology, the PT-RZ12K Series achieves truly stunning picture quality.  Two powerful solid-state laser light sources, a heat-resistant phosphor wheel, and three independent DLP chips for red, green, and blue ensures class-leading brightness, color accuracy, and contrast.


Key Features

  • 3-chip DLP, 12000 lumens, WUXGA
  • High brightness and high contrast ratio make bright, crisp and sharp image
  • Dual lamp system with Lamp Relay mode enables 24/7 operation
  • 10,000:1 contrast ratio
  • Edge blending function and color matching
  • Operating Instructions (PDF)
  • Brochure(PDF)




3 years parts and labor