Optoma PS200 Chameleon 4K Switcher

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Optoma PS200 Chameleon Ultra-Fast 4K Switcher


Scale and switch video sources up to 4K resolution with the Optoma Chameleon PS200 image processor. HQUltra technology scales images to 4K fidelity for stunning video with low latency. Switch inputs in as little as 0.25-seconds for lightning-fast switching, whether via digital HDMI sources or legacy analog formats, without sacrificing image quality.

Analog audio inputs and outputs provide audio-follow-video capabilities for easy integration with custom audio configurations. Microphone inputs with phantom power and an internal mixer make it easy to add a presenter or voiceovers. An integrated amplifier enables direct connections to passive speakers for a simplified audio output.

Key Features

  • Perfect scaling with HQUltra low-latency 4K best-in-class scaling algorithms
  • Ultra-fast switching typically - switch input channels in as little as 0.25 seconds
  • Up to 11 Video Inputs (depending on model)
  • Up to 4 video outputs (depending on model)
  • Up to 7x Line Level Stereo Audio Inputs (depending on model)
  • 2x Microphone Inputs with Phantom Power and Audio Mixer
  • Stereo Audio Power Amplifier with 2x15W RMS Loudspeaker Outputs
  • Picture in Picture (depending on model)
  • Brightness, Contrast, Saturation controls for all source types
  • RGB calibration controls
  • Flexible Aspect Ratio Conversion
  • Full Genlock and Source Lock for in-camera and broadcast (depending on model)
  • Fade through black
  • Audio de-embed from HDMI & DisplayPort inputs to S/PDIF, re-embed to HDMI outputs
  • Multiple outputs for local monitoring of live output feed
  • Remote control via webserver or simple API
  • H.264 HD network streaming video input

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