Nuvo NV-BRKIC6-ANG rough in brackets

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The Nuvo pre-construction speaker brackets are designed to be sturdy, install easily and provide a unique visual aid during a rough-in walk through. The NV-BRKIC6-ANG is blue in color and comes with two metal black powder coated extension wings and two side mount adapters.

RoHS Compliant
  • Simplifies installation of speakers during trim out.
  • Made with sturdy ABS plastic.
  • Includes two 16" (406mm) metal power-coated extension wings with mounting holes every 3/4 inch (20mm).
  • Includes side mount "L" for increased mounting versatility.
  • Unique Quick ID color system provides easy visual placement inspection.
  • Use with the NV-2IC6-ANG, NV-4IC6-ANG, or NV-6IC6-ANG.
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