Legrand ACAA15-BK Active Copper HDMI (49.2')

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Legrand ACAA15-BK Active Copper HDMI (49.2ft)


The Active Copper HDMI Cables support full 4K UltraHD and High Dynamic Range (HDR) video over longer distances, providing a more cost effective alternative to fiber HDMI and HDBaseT2.  These cables use an active chipset to boost performance over longer distances, ensuring the full 18Gpbs bandwidth with no signal loss.  They’re solely powered by the source device, so they don’t require an external power adapter – saving space and money.  
To reduce installation error, these directional cables feature color-coded cable heads which make it easy to discern the Display end from the Source end.  Additionally, the Active Copper HDMI Cables feature enhanced retention clips on the connector head.  These small dimples keep the cable firmly in place and require 4.5lbs of pulling force to remove.  This ensures the most secure connection points,   maximizing signal integrity and reducing cable-related service calls.   

Key Features

  • Supports: 18.2Gbps bandwidth, UltraHD - 4K@60Hz 4:4:4, High Dynamic Range (HDR), Deep Color, ARC, Ethernet 
  • Available in lengths from 10 to 15 meters
  • Enhanced retention clips keep the cable firmly in place, requiring 4.5 lbs of pulling force to remove 
  • Directional cable features color-coded cable ends to easily discern Display end from the Source end 
  • Solely powered by the source device - do not require external power adapter
  • Rated: CMG / CL3
  • Ideal applications: Projector based home theater or any residential installation where a longer run is required