Legrand AC3M04-WH-V1 High-Speed HDMI Super Slim Cable (13.1')

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Legrand AC2MP4-BK High-Speed 4K HDMI with Ethernet Cables


Achieve an uncluttered professional look using our Slimline High Speed HDMI with Ethernet cables. These allow optimal performance for shorter connections between two devices that are outside the wall.   

Key Features

  • 75% thinner than regular HDMI cables
  • Delivers uncompressed HD video and digital audio in a single cable
  • Supports 1080p, Ultra HD (4K) and 3D video
  • Audio Return Channel and HDMI Ethernet Channel (HEC) capable


  • Reduced weight allows for a more secure connection to televisions and other components
  • Reduced cable profile for a professional uncluttered look