InFocus INF8630EAG JTouch 86-inch Interactive Display

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InFocus INF8630eAG JTouch Plus 86-inch 4K Display; Priced for Educators Only (K-12)


With 4K resolution, Total Touch Control, built-in education features, and the ability to natively run Android apps, the INF8630eAG is an all-in-one teaching, collaboration, and presentation solution.

Key Features

  • Friendly, easy-for-anyone interface with Total Touch Control
    - no need for a remote
  • Built-in whiteboard, browser, media player, and AirPlay capability
  • Annotate over any application, video input, website, or document
  • Brilliant 86-inch, 4K resolution anti-glare screen
  • Add any Android app
  • Customize your whiteboard background

Open Android Platform

Expand and customize your platform with any Android application or game.  Simply download and install as you would on your phone.

Intuitive Touch

Erase, zoom, and pull up menu options quickly and easily with incredibly intuitive touch gestures on the JTouch Plus.  Use one finger to draw, two fingers to move, and three fingers to erase on the whiteboard or when annotating on any screen.  A simple swipe gesture on either side of the screen reveals a full menu of further options.

Multi-input Touch Monitor

Plug up to eight devices into your INF7530eAG monitor.  HDMI-based sources can also connect via five separate USB-B ports to access the panel’s touch control.  Front access IO ports make it convenient to connect, view, and touch control any user’s PC temporarily with both HDMI and Touch USB.

Four Critical Applications

All JTouch Plus models include the four critical applications needed for interactive touch panels.  These include Casting, Whiteboarding, Browsing, and File Viewing.  Create on a full-featured digital whiteboard, present videos and photos, browse the web, easily connect and share content from your Apple, Windows, or Android devices with wireless casting.

Optional PC

Turn your INF7530eAG into a fully integrated, powerful all-in-one Windows 10 PC with touch by adding the optional Core i5 OPS PC Module (coming soon).


InFocus 2yr limited warranty