InFocus INF6502WBAG JTouch 65-inch Whiteboard

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InFocus JTouch 65-inch Whiteboard with Capacitive Touch and AG(INF6502WBAG)


Stop taking photos of your old dry-erase board and step up to a digital whiteboard.  You’ll never lose an idea and your meetings will be more efficient and productive.  The JTouch Whiteboard is durable, affordable, and creates an engaging, interactive experience that everyone can see.

Key Features

  • 65-inch 1080p touch display
  • Built-in, full-featured interactive whiteboard
  • Wirelessly cast from any device, browse the web, or view documents
  • Multi-point capacitive touchscreen with sleek bezel-less design and effortless gestures
  • Display a PC, Mac or Chromebook via HDMI and enable touch via USB
  • No calibration required
  • Anti-glare screen is smooth to the touch and eliminates distracting reflections

LightCast Wireless Collaboration

Use the LightCast Key to easily connect and share content from your Apple, Windows, Android, or Chrome devices.  Access the internet with a built-in web browser, and view or present documents, videos, and photos.

Full Touch Control

Display your PC, Mac, or Chromebook via HDMI, VGA, or component video, then control it from the display via touch.  Just enable touch from the computer via USB and easily extend the reach of your computer’s USB ports with the easily accessible 4-port USB hub.

InFocus 2yr limited warranty