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Hall Research HDBaseT Receiver with Integrated Switcher, Audio Amp & Controller w/IP


The UI-IP8-DP is a programmable 8-button IP keypad capable of sending user programmed TCP/Telnet commands to other IP enabled equipment on the same network. It provides one Relay contact output that can be opened or closed based on the user programming.

Commands are triggered by pressing keypad buttons, by accessing the embedded webpage or by the user programming of day/time schedules. You can program and recall up to 16 individual macros to send TCP messages/commands to many IP enabled and IoT systems such as AV distribution, factory automation, security, keypad access.

Each button has two (2) color LEDs where the on/off state, color and brightness are programmable. The UI-IP8-DP includes a power supply or power can come from the compatible LAN network using PoE (Power over Ethernet).

The UI-IP8-DP includes integrated battery-backed clock/calendar allowing the user to send commands based on specific day/time schedules. For example, each evening the UI-IP8-DP powers off and each morning powers on the devices it controls on the network.

Need to control devices with RS-232 ports? You can do that by adding the optional CNT-IP-2 that provides two RS-232 ports (see block diagram tab).

The 8 buttons on the keypad are not labeled as shipped from the factory. Provided in the package is a sheet with 28 pre-printed labels as shown below. A sheet of clear labels is also included.


Image result for pdf icon  UI-IP8-DP Users Manual

Image result for pdf icon  UI-IP8-DP BROCHURE

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