Epson Rear Projection Fixed Lens (ELPLR04)

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Rear Projection Fixed Lens (ELPLR04)

Epson's Rear Projection Fixed Lens (ELPLR04) is an interchangeable lens that works with PowerLite Pro Z10000U, Z1005U, Z9870U, Z9875U, Z9750U, Z11000W, Z9900W, Z9800W, Z11000, Z11005 and Z9870 Projectors.

Throw ratio:
XGA: 0.72
WXGA: 0.76
WUXGA: 0.77
Screen Sizes: 60" – 500"
Zoom Ratio: N/A
Focal Length: 16.15mm
F-Number: 1.85

For the most accurate values, please use Epson's Throw Distance Calculator 

  • Model: V12H004R04