Elmo Huddle Space G3 + MX-1 Bundle

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Huddle Space G3 + MX-1 Bundle

Combine the MX-1 4K Visual Presenter with the Huddle Space for the ultimate collaborative experience.  Allow yourself to switch from digital content to real-life objects with just the click of a button.  With the Huddle Space + MX-1 Bundle the possibilities are endless.

Huddle Space Quick Start Guide - ENG

MX-1 product brochure

Why Create a Collaborative Classroom?

Today’s college and career readiness standards reflect the importance of collaboration skills, and both colleges and employers are looking for individuals with these skills. Therefore, having students work in teams to research a topic or solve a problem and then present their findings within their group or to the class as a whole is becoming part of what we do inside the classroom to prepare students for the world. Collaborative learning doesn’t just benefit students. Teachers benefit as well. For instance, collaborative learning makes classroom management easier. When teachers assign tasks to students in groups, they can monitor progress by checking in on five or six different groups instead of 25 individual students. A collaborative classroom also allows teachers to cover more ground in the curriculum, because each group can be assigned a different portion of a topic. Key Challenges to Digital Collaboration

Compatible with any device

The Huddle Space can accommodate any type of device; iPad, Chromebook, Windows, Mac, Android etc.


Seamless switching from one device to another

Switching from one presentation to another is as simple as pressing a button; each input has a corresponding button, and when a button is pressed, that student’s screen is broadcast to a shared display.


No drain on network resources

The Huddle Space doesn’t require any additional hardware on a school’s network, and broadcasting content from a student’s device happens over an HDMI cable instead of using Wi-Fi bandwidth.


The Huddle Space is cost-effective compared to competition, it also requires no updates, subscriptions or recurring fees.

Built-in assessment

A conferencing microphone array on the top of the unit captures the conversation happening as students are presenting and collaborating, giving teacher’s additional insight into how students are working together.


5 years parts and labor warranty