CTG-Wireless Audio/Video Receiver

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Product Features

Simple wireless connection for sharing high definition audio/video content from tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices to a HDTV or projector. Designed for use with a variety of Miracast™-enabled devices.
• Supports up to a 1080p resolution
• Simple set up and pairing provides a user experience similar to Bluetooth®
• Wireless connection mirrors the image from a mobile device onto a display
• Compatible with many devices running an Android™ or Windows® Operating System
• Designed for use with a variety of Miracast™-enabled devices
2014 CES Innovations Design and Engineering Awards HonoreeEnjoy expanded use of a notebook PC, tablet, smartphone or other mobile device by wirelessly mirroring the screen image of the device on a flat panel display or projector. This Wireless Audio/Video Receiver allows simple streaming of videos, movies, images, files and other content in crisp 1080p resolution. The Wireless Audio/Video Receiver eliminates the need for signal adapters or long length cables by creating a new sharing experience, which is easy to set up and use. Designed for use with a variety of Miracast™-enabled devices*, this adapter will mirror and transmit content in real-time with near zero latency for uninterrupted viewing. With quick, easy setup you can begin enjoying content on your TV in just minutes. Connect the Wireless Audio/Video Receiver to your HDTV, projector or display with an HDMI cable for audio/video and USB for power, and then wirelessly connect to the adapter from the menu of the mobile device. Content from your mobile device is instantly available on your TV with no restricting wires or cables!

The Wireless Audio/Video Receiver uses a secure 802.11 radio connection to create a one-to-one network which does not require network access and will not interfere or conflict with other wireless networks. Enjoy the flexibility and freedom of wireless mobility at distances up to 30 feet. The adapter comes complete with a USB power cord and quick start guide. An HDMI cable is required to connect the adapter to the TV.