Casio XJ-V10X LED projector

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 Casio XJ-V10X LED projector :  LED light source no lamp to replace ever!

  • 3300 Lumens
  • XGA (1024 X 768) Native Resolution
  • 1.5X Zoom
  • Hybrid Light Source
  • DLP Technology 


Native Resolution XGA (1024 x 768) 786, 432 pixels
Native Aspect Ratio 4:3
Brightness 3300 Lumens
Digital HDMI input terminal HDMI Type A × 1 (HDCP support, audio signal support)
Display Device 0.65 inch DLP® chip
Contrast Ratio 20000:1
Lens Type 1.5X Manual Zoom & Focus
Projection Range  
60-inch screen 6.4 - 9.4 ft
100-inch screen 10.9 - 15.9 ft


The light source of the futureThe laser and LED hybrid projectors from CASIO are able to function without the use of toxic mercury and reduce power consumption by up to 40%. »

A durable light sourceThanks to the use of mercury-free lighting technology, CASIO projectors are able to function for up to 20,000 hours without replacing the lamp. »

Outstanding colour renditionThe revolutionary laser and LED hybrid light source guarantees clear and brilliant colour reproduction for all projectors - even in daylight. »

Kind to the environmentThe light source fitted in all CASIO projectors is mercury-free and environmentally friendly. »

Ready to start at the push of a buttonThanks to the Direct ON/OFF function, waiting times and warm-up and cool-down phases are a thing of the past: With just the push of a button, the projectors reach their full brightness in as little as approx. 5 seconds. »

Made in JapanFor all CASIO projectors, "Made in Japan" signifies a true guarantee of each product's origin and quality. »

Great performance - minimal consumptionThe CASIO projectors deliver brilliant results with a low power consumption of only 0.23 watts (Pro series: 0.4 watts) in standby mode. »

Interactivity using the CASIO appUsing the innovative CASIO app, tablets or smartphones can be easily integrated into lessons or presentations. »

Connection via HDMI Thanks to the existing HDMI interface, the projectors can be easily connected to external components, such as a suitably equipped laptop. »

Fit for continuous useThanks to the special light source and DLP® technology, projectors from CASIO are suitable for continuous use. This is subject to a special warranty. »

3 years parts and labor