AverCharge C30i+ charging cart

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AVerCharge C30i+

30 Device Intelligent Charging Cart

C30i+ - 30 Device Smart Charging Cart
Immaculate. Intelligent. Incredible.

C30i+ sets the new standard for all 30-device charging carts. It’s cutting-edge technology and loaded features provide the best support for any device learning environments.  

Multi-Device Support

C30i+ charges up to 30 Chromebooks, laptops, or tablets up to a 15” screen.

Space-Friendly Design

The 27” wide footprint takes up minimal classroom space and enables more room for teachers to engage with students.

Seamless Charging

The perks of having a charging cart with a brain of its own: no programming, no monitoring, and no overloaded circuits!

Safe, Easy, and Accessible

Slide-out shelves lower risks of damaging devices and make it easier for teachers and students to store and retrieve devices.

Supports Personalized Learning

C30i+’s adjustable dividers provide classrooms with the freedom to manage a mix range of devices all in one solution.


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